Google Earth works weird after install in Ubuntu 10.10 / Google Earth fuciona erratico en Ubuntu 10.10

Asked by Netz V on 2011-02-15


Im install Google Earth on my HP Laptop with Ubuntu 10.10
im install it in other computers and works fine, but in this computer
works weird, i dont know exactly what is the problem, maybe de Graphics Card

Does anybody can help with this ?

Instale GOOGLE Earth en mi LAPTOP HP con Ubuntu 10.10
ya lo habioa instalado antes en otras computaras con la misma version de UBUNTU
y funciono perfectamente bien, pero en esta computadora funciona muy extraño
no se cual sea el problema, quiza mi tarjeta de video es vieja o algo asi

Alguien pudiera ayudarme ???


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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #1

please explain how it is weird.

Netz V (gaberth) said : #2




When I run Google Earth i see the Earth ok, but when i try to Zoom In
the images starts blinking, more zoom in worst definition, and Google
Earth turns unstable and sometimes crash


Cuando echo a andar Google Earth todo se ve bien pero si quiero hacer
un Acercamniento las imagenes parpadean y pieden definicion y Google
Earth se torna inestable y a veces incluso sale del programa

Regards / saludos !

Netz V (gaberth) said : #3

Well Bad news my LAPTOP dies...

Why ? I dont know, i succesfully installed UBUNTU 10.10
running in a different partition and the other OS is WinXP Pro
i was running UBUNTU and I restart in Windows, runs OK
and then i tried to back to UBUNTU and... DIE..

Now both OS doesnt work, the computer dont show the
OS Selector Screen, i can boot with the USB Pen and i can
see the Hard Drive and the Files...

Hehe... well too much for my Computer...


Netz V (gaberth) said : #4

Ok im BACK...

After My Laptop Crashes, im reinstall UBUNTU again (10.10),

The problem with GOOGLE EARTH persists

i dont know too much about Ubuntu, but im suppose the problem
is with my Graphics Card, maybe the Driver.

Im disable the VISUAL EFFECTS...

ny suggestions for this ISSUE ?

I'm also running Google Earth on an HP Pavilion dv3 notebook. And like you, I have a several experiences of GE crashing on first three attempts to open the application. I'm running Compiz and I think that's one reason. However, I'm not sure if it really is.

Try not to move your mouse cursor when you open Google Earth for the first time. It works for me.

Netz V (gaberth) said : #6


Thanks for the suggestion, Google Earth stillblinking when i zoom in and finally crashes... :o(


Is your experience that Google Earth crashes when you launch it, or that you're able to launch it but it crashes when you're running it, or some combination of the two? Does the description in this question also describe the problem you've been having, or is the problem you've been having different? (When you answer, please click "Just Add a Comment", as you did before and as I am doing with this post, so as not to change the status of this question.)

Yes, Eliah, Google Earth crashes when I launch it and/or I'm able to launch it then it crashes. But like I mentioned, not moving the mouse when it's launching does not make it crash, at least for several times for me.

Netz V (gaberth) said : #9


When i launch Google Earth works meanwhile im not zooming in, but crashes after that...


Netz V (gaberth) said : #10

Ok... I will close this Ticket, I prefer unistall Google Earth

Thanks Everybody...

Matthew Stidham (stidmatt) said : #11

I downloaded Google Earth and am running an Asus laptop, model U52F. It doesn't flash or crash, but the spacing between letters is gigantic. It is set to 32 bit colors, anistropic filtering is medium, labels/icon size is set to small, and my map size is small-medium. Every other program on machine is running perfectly.

The spacing on letters is very wide and hard to read, anyway to fix this? It's more of an annoyance than anything else.