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Asked by Nosphky

gnupg 'Modern' 2.1.xx has been out in circulation for some time now. It is currently at v2.1.4 and increasing numbers of users are creating ECC keys or subkeys. This is creating an increasing level of incompatibility with other more mainstream users of gpg 1.4.xx and gnupg 2.0.xx especially when it comes to checking emails or files signed or encrypted by the ECC keys.

Debian has had a 2.1.xx package in their experimental repository for some time. They are also now at 2.1.4 and this seems to be working well with enigmail / Thunderbird in debian wheezy and jessie.

When could we hope for a 2.1.xx package in Ubuntu ?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You have a bug reported, so dont need a question as well.....

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Nosphky (philip-jackson) said :

The bug concerned gnupg2.0.22 - with particular ECC key combinations. I don't know if the problem exists in later versions of 2.0.xx.

Perhaps I mistook the purpose of this part of the website but this question was intended to raise the general matter of whether a package for 2.1.xx would soon be available for Ubuntu flavors.

Even if only on an experimental basis as in Debian where 2.1.4 works nicely with enigmail and thunderbird (icedove).

Increasing numbers of users are moving steadily to the 'modern' 2.1.xx series of gnupg and the incompatibility gulf with the 1.4.xx and 2.0.xx series due to the introduction of ECC keys is growing almost daily. The introduction and adoption of ECC keys is the primary cause of this gulf and is causing more difficulties for users than ever existed during the transition to 2.0.xx from 1.4.xx.

During recent discussions on gnupg-users mail list, Werner Koch, the developer, even gave a recommendation to new users to consider going straight to the modern 2.1.xx series.

Sorry if I'm raising this issue in the wrong place. If so, please advise.

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Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Requesting upgrades of available packages is a task for the bug area, and the supporters in the answer cannot really help.
If you think that your current request is not adequately covered by your earlier bug report, please create a new one, stating the problems that you have with the old version, and the benefits that could be introduced by a version upgrade.

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Nosphky (philip-jackson) said :

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.