GPG spams output using "--no-verbose --quiet --batch" when decrypting email with Mutt

Asked by Ricardo

I'm using GPG with Mutt to encrypt my email but GPG seems to output constantly its messages despite I'm using "--no-verbose --quiet --batch". So, I need to refresh the Mutt interface in order to revert what GPG does.

The output of GPG should be supressed with these options, but this is not the case.

¿Is this a bug in GPG?

The GPG I'm using with Mutt is the recommended in the doc:

### GPG config for Mutt ###
set pgp_decode_command="gpg --status-fd=2 %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --no-verbose --quiet --batch --output - %f"
set pgp_verify_command="gpg --status-fd=2 --no-verbose --quiet --batch --output - --verify %s %f"
set pgp_decrypt_command="gpg --status-fd=2 %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --no-verbose --quiet --batch --output - %f"
set pgp_sign_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --quiet --output - %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --armor --detach-sign --textmode %?a?-u %a? %f"
set pgp_clearsign_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --quiet --output - %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --armor --textmode --clearsign %?a?-u %a? %f"
set pgp_encrypt_only_command="/usr/lib/mutt/pgpewrap gpg --batch --quiet --no-verbose --output - --encrypt --textmode --armor --always-trust -- -r %r -- %f"
set pgp_encrypt_sign_command="/usr/lib/mutt/pgpewrap gpg %?p?--passphrase-fd 0? --batch --quiet --no-verbose --textmode --output - --encrypt --sign %?a?-u %a? --armor --always-trust -- -r %r -- %f"
set pgp_import_command="gpg --no-verbose --import %f"
set pgp_export_command="gpg --no-verbose --export --armor %r"
set pgp_verify_key_command="gpg --verbose --batch --fingerprint --check-sigs %r"
set pgp_list_pubring_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --quiet --with-colons --list-keys %r"
set pgp_list_secring_command="gpg --no-verbose --batch --quiet --with-colons --list-secret-keys %r"
set pgp_getkeys_command="gpg --recv-keys %r"
set pgp_good_sign="^\\[GNUPG:\\] GOODSIG"
### End ###

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Best actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Log a bug, it will get attended.

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Ricardo (jimenezrick) said :

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

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Ricardo (jimenezrick) said :


The next line must be removed: set pgp_getkeys_command="gpg --recv-keys %r"

It has to be omitted or set to the default value: set pgp_getkeys_command=""