Dictionary lookup applet missing in the Ubuntu 11.04 panel

Asked by oddvar on 2011-09-01

As a non-english person one of my most used applications are removed from Ubuntu 11.04 (right click and add to panel)
which was Dictionary Look Up.
Why is that highly useful application removed?
After much searching I found the gnome-dictionary but it is far from as handy and simple as the original
look up was. No auto input area and bigger window to perform an easy search.
Where is Dictionary Look up?

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enubuntu (mr.tennents) said : #1

You can't use the applet in the panel now because Ubuntu 11.04 uses Unity and not Gnome2, the software with gnome-panel and all the applet. If you want come back to the old graphics with two panel, at login screen select 'Ubuntu classic', here is a screenshot:

If you use Ubuntu Classic you can use dictionary in the panel.

oddvar (aha5262) said : #2

I have Ubuntu Classic. I like that best, and Ubuntu gave message during install my hardware cant use Unity.
That is another mistake. my computer is only 2 yrs old w Pentium D processor.
Maybe my Nvidia graphic card causes problem.

enubuntu (mr.tennents) said : #3

What is your graphics card?

enubuntu (mr.tennents) said : #4

Ok so, let's try this:
1. Open a terminal by hitting CTRL + ALT + T
2. Enter this command:
sudo apt-get install gnome-dictionary

3. Reboot and try to add dictionary to your panel.

For the problem with graphics please open another question. Mark this as solved if this solve your question.

oddvar (aha5262) said : #5

Thank you for reading this problem.
I do have insnstalled gnome-dictionary as mentioned in my first post.

My monitor is a Flatron L1753S and my graphic card Nvidia I use the Nvidia driver ver 173
Ubuntu say the diver is activated but not in use(??)
and I am not certain the hardware is a problem despite the error msg I got during install earlier
Anyhow I will try make a new question about that

enubuntu (mr.tennents) said : #6

Please mark as solved this question and open another question about the nvidia card.

oddvar (aha5262) said : #7

Suddenly Dictionary lookup came back to the Add To Panel list!
The problem dont exist anymore

enubuntu (mr.tennents) said : #8


oddvar (aha5262) said : #9

The name of the bug is Unity!

When I removed the last application I found I had that had something to do about Unity
my Classic Gnome desktop behaved as normal with dictionary lookup as an ordinary Add To Panel choice.
This must be bad news for Ubuntu.
Forcing Unity on every new installation is bad especially for those of us who have learned to use the beautiful
Classic Gnome. What happened with the Freedom to Choose?