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Asked by 184zipper on 2007-05-22

i am new and illiterate in computers. a friend helped me partitioning windows xp and ubuntu 7.4 - everything was going ok but it seems that suddenly i run out of space on ubuntu (haven't checked windows yet). can't delete files to go to the trash folder in thunderbird - so, i can't get my new emails. when i try to delete messages, i get the following message:

"the messages could not be moved or copied to folder trash because writing to folder failed. to gain disk space from the file menu, first choose empty trash and then choose compact folders, and then try again."

i can't use automatix neither, thought i could delete some stuff from there too, but i get this message:

"Failed to run /usr/bin/automatix.py cc /home/cc 1000 as user root. Unable to copy the user's Xauthorization file."

i tried the terminal anyway and typed the message to see if it'd work and it didn't, this is what i got:

cc@cc-laptop:~$ /usr/bin/automatix.py cc /home/cc 1000
/usr/lib/automatix2/extra_functions.py:130: GtkWarning: gdk_cursor_unref: assertion `cursor != NULL' failed
cc@cc-laptop:~$ /usr/bin/automatix.py cc /home/cc 1000
/usr/lib/automatix2/extra_functions.py:130: GtkWarning: gdk_cursor_unref: assertion `cursor != NULL' failed
cc@cc-laptop:~$ /usr/bin/automatix.py cc /home/cc 1000
/usr/lib/automatix2/extra_functions.py:130: GtkWarning: gdk_cursor_unref: assertion `cursor != NULL' failed

how can i get space when i can't delete stuff? is it possible to do it? i also need to know how to compact folders once i get space?? i'll wait for your input. thanks and good night.

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SageMassa (jedd.bissegger) said : #1

can you please from a terminal type

df -h

and post the output here.
Run this (also from a term
sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

184zipper (novavida) said : #2

thank you for your help. i am using windows. i apologize for the delay to respond. i got help from another person this morning who gave me the same code you told me about. i had to clean the space also because i couldn't log in after i had the problems with my email client, and i haven't checked my emails yet because immediately after i had no internet connection, until now, i didn't have access neither in windows nor ubuntu. i've had been having some problems with internet connection and its configuration in my laptop but was getting better, unfortunately, got a bit worse yesterday. i wonder if things will stabilize if i get full ubuntu linux, i hope so, otherwise, i won't have any internet at all.
if you have any advice as to having full operation system with ubuntu or just keeping the partition, that'd help too. thanks for your assistance.

SageMassa (jedd.bissegger) said : #3

What type of internet connection do you have?

Other - please specify

This may help the community in helping you stabilize your network connecion in ubuntu.

Also we may want to think about pearing down your applications in ubuntu if space is a constant problem....we may be able to find additional space this way...

184zipper (novavida) said : #4

hi back. still using windows (which cuts me off at times) and no internet access to ubuntu, again i'm not sure if it's a matter of configuration. the good news is that i was able to get a little space in ubuntu to log in with the code: aptitude clean
that someone gave me.

i have dsl and router for my laptop: linksys 802 11b.

184zipper (novavida) said : #5

hi again. is there a code that i can use to perhaps reconfig and start over so that i can get internet access through wireless or a code so you know what's wrong with my connection? i wanted to have only ubuntu as my os but i'm changing my mind because i am not able to use it anymore no matter how i change the settings (very basic things i learned from firefox and thunderbird/mozilla). i guess i am getting discouraged because i need windows even to post here or at the forums.

SageMassa:- please don't suggest people do "sudo rm -rf" especially when they have said they are a beginner. A space in the wrong place could wipe out their entire filesystem.

184zipper:- Can you please start Ubuntu, logon and then go to this menu Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal. In the box use this command to clear out some package files that have already been installed:-

sudo apt-get clean

As SageMassa suggested we need to see the output of the following command:-

df -h

You may need to write this down and then type it into the reply in Windows to let us know this information.

This will enable us to determine the problem. I guess that when you partitioned the disk you didn't make it big enough for Ubuntu, or you have subsequently added lots of files. I would generally recommend 10G for Ubuntu. It can of course operate in less, but this gives enough space to add applications and data after the initial install.

184zipper (novavida) said : #7

thanks to both of you.
i guess i don't have a lot of space in the partition as you say, my friend is the one who did the partition for me, and he probably gave more space to windows because of the amount of docs or applications/software/extensions i saved there, don't know. ok, i did what you asked me to do and typed "sudo apt-get clean" (although i did that last week using the recovery mode where i typed "aptitude clean" as advised by another person from the ubuntuforums and that's how i can actually log in now, remember i couldn't before--i run out of space). then i was asked for my password but nothing happened-it didn't accept it? i tried three times. and then i typed the "df -h" and got (i had to write and type, no biggie) the following:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sda2 3.7G 3.1G 424M 89% /
varrun 502M 104K 502M 1% /var/run
varlock 502M 0 502M 0% /var/lock
procbususb 502M 124K 502M 1% /proc/bus/usb
udcv 502M 124K 502M 1% /dev
devshon 502M 0 502M 0% /dev/shon
lrm 502M 33M 469M 1% /lib/modules/206.20-15-generic/volatile
/dev/sda1 33G 25G 8.5G 75% /windows

 @ : ~$

184zipper (novavida) said : #8

guys, what should i do next? or how do i add more partition space? would i get internet access in ubuntu if i do?

Ok, so the first line:-

/dev/sda2 3.7G 3.1G 424M 89% /

You have a 3.7GiB partition for Ubuntu, of which 3.1GiB is used with 424MiB remaining.

So in short you are running low on disk space. Whilst I could suggest programs you could remove to make some space, in my opinion with 3.7G you are _always_ going to be fighting this issue. Every time you update the machine you will likely run low on space. You will not be able to upgrade Ubuntu to the next release because 400MiB isn't enough space to do that, and so on.

I would recommend you boot to the Live Ubuntu CD (or get a copy of the gparted CD) and run gparted to resize your windows partition down (make it smaller) by about 7G, and then move your ubuntu partition down the disk to into that position, and then expand it.

Going from:-




of course if your windows partition is pretty full up then this is not an option.

The alternative would be to buy a second hard disk and install ubuntu on that instead.

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