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Asked by Rick Miller on 2014-07-17

Evening Everyone:

   I need to install a Windows crossover program so that I can run Adobe Digital Editions. When I went to the software center I came across WINE--PlayonLinux-- Winetricks. Read all the "provided" info in each package. Doesn't seem to be any differences (or little) and was wondering which of these packages would be best (if any) to be able to run Windows programs/games.
                                                  [Ubuntu 12.04--HP 2000-210us 64bit]

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Have you checked the Wine AppDB to check compatibility?

Rick Miller (69rixter) said : #2

Hey Andrew:

   Kryst...Here we go...AGAIN!!! Something that SHOULD BE SIMPLE/EASY is
turning into a sh#%storm. OK, read this page-link:
As much as I can tell, the Adobe app will work...although I may have to
config it a bit(?). S.O.B., Ubuntu is really pushing my patience-tolerance.
Screw this, I think it's time to just go ahead and install another O.S. and
worry about recovering(rebuilding) my files afterwards. 12.04LTS has been
the worst possible O.S of all time!!! Well...anyways, what did you
make/understand of the article( ? BTW, thanks for alerting me!




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> Have you checked the Wine AppDB to check compatibility?
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Considering you are trying to install an application designed for Windows onto a system which is not Windows is FAR from simple.

Rick Miller (69rixter) said : #4

hey Andrew/Everyone

   OK, can you answer the questions I asked concerning the 3 "programs" (apps)? From further reading about WINE, I'm understanding that it has gotten fairly stable? Would that be your understanding? Now, let's say I decide against using WINE, would the be another program I could install that would allow use of A.D.E.? When I switch to LinuxMint17, do you know if I should expect the same degree of installation/configuration involvement? I would like to hear from those who are currently using WINE (or any other app that allows MSWIN crossover)and especially anyone who may be using A.D.E. in a UNIX environment.
                                                      [Ubuntu 12.04 LTS---HP2000-210us 64bit]

Yes because Mint is based on Ubuntu or Debian (which Ubuntu is based on).

Also the Wine in Mint will be no different to the Wine in Mint so will be exactly the same when you try to use it.

Best Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #6

The 3 programs are not the same thing. winetricks and playonlinux are utilities for wine.

Just install wine and try the program. Your other option is running Windows in a VM.

Rick Miller (69rixter) said : #7


   OK. , see, I ask, you respond. Simple!!! Just as it should be!. Thanks for your imput. As I said, it seems(?) as if WINE has become fairly stable. So I'll install it and go from there. BTW..."utilities for WINE"???. Care to explain, or should I just do some reading?

Daniel Letzeisen (dtl131) said : #8

Do some reading/googling. Look at the projects' websites. I don't know if they have specific profiles/workarounds for the program you're using. It's really best to read the reviews of other people using the program to see if you need any hacks/workarounds that those utilities provide