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Asked by sidhartha sankar mohanty on 2014-02-16

dear sir,
       i had installed ubuntu 12.04 lts 32bit inside window 7 ultimate desktop by wubi installer.My system is having pentium (d) 2.6ghz(1.3ghz) processor ,ram about 2.0gb and harddisk about 500gb. Apart from that i had windows xp on another harddisk (40gb hdd) which is connected by separate slot in same motherboard.
        I had installed ubuntu in 19 gb of hard disk space in D drive(232gb).My swap area is 256mb.
      My problem is that ,my system is terrifically slow . It also slows down further ,even hangs when two or three application runs especially when the software center runs.
  Sir pls. tell me if there is any soln. for it.( whether to increase swap area or to increase the RAM size ).
   In window 7 there is an option to increase or decrease of vertual memory.It works better when the setting is used to set be default ( option where the windows decides which is the best for os.). And it works better . Is there any option to optimise vertual memory in Ubuntu (by usb flash drive or inside hard drive)
                                                                  thank u sir

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Wubi is an awful solution and isnt even coded any more. You have insyalled Ubuntu in the worst way.

256Mb for swap is not enough for 2Gb RAM, you will need at least 2Gb swap for effective use.

Your Wubi install will also be directly affected by the shortcomings of NTFS as your Ubuntu disk is a file on the NTFS especially fragmentation which is extremely common in Windows. This is not a factor in Linux.

You can change the amount of swap but you wil need to either resize the swap size somehow (you cannot manipulate mounted partitions so you have a lot of hard work to do as you have used Wubi). You could also use a swap file to get around this issue and use that instead.

Personally i suggest you uninstall Wubi using Programs and features in Windows, then resize your NTFS in Windows and run a chkdsk to make sure it is healthy. Then boot to the Ubuntu CD or USB stick and instaal a REAL Ubuntu to the freed space. You will find it is much faster and it is also easier to repair.

  I had installed before like u said.But Linux had killed Windows booting.The very first time I had installed Ubuntu inside windows system by doing blind one of the partition (adjusting partition manager).but It corrupts windows booting drive file and it fails to boot up ,also refuse to open ubuntu.
 In the 2nd attempt I had defragmented well to Windows. then I installed Ubuntu along the side of Windows .On that time ubuntu took D drive 20gb of hard disk. But what happen next ,after some days Ubuntu had got problem in sound in my profile session. I try hard to get back it. I try to re-install it ,but it wants another space in hard drive , to which i could not give.
This is my first time that had successfully installed Ubuntu 32bit inside Window 7 by wubi installer and it is working till now and it is running slowly.
 So pls. tell me sir, what are the other steps can i improve my desktop performance by increasingly swap area partition. I had tried by using gparted software but i can't understand how to do it by using live Ubuntu usb stick.

Install lxde, log off and log in to the LXDE session. It is lighter.

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

How to make make swapfile & edit and execute it outside the Ubuntu mount please give me detail sir.If it is too difficult to do or create any trouble to either of the os can ubuntu 64 bit insted of 32 bit by wubi installer ,solve my problem.
                             Thank U sir

I had tried in command prompt but i failed to do it . I tried to create a swap memory by using gparted editor in a 4gb flash drive.My final conf. is 2gb ram and 2.2 gb swap and i have little bit improvement in performance. Pls. tell me sir , is there any better solution for this problem.
                   Thank u sir,