In case mulitple Linux terminal windows appear for whatever reasons, how can I quickly clear them?

Asked by Julianloui on 2013-09-08

Once in a while if I am not careful in entering the 'Ctl+Atl+T' key combination to open a terminal session, many terminal windows can appear simultaneously. I know what to do to prevent this from happening, namely by hitting the T key briefly and gentlly after pressing the 'CTL and Alt' key combination. But we can't always be 100% careful at all times. My question is how to clear the screen quickly after this problem occurs.

I consider the Ctl+Alt+ T way to open a Terminal window too useful to abandon it. Thanks.


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Alt+F4 to close

Julianloui (julianloui) said : #2


Thanks for the advice. I've tried this method before and again tonight in vain. If it's a single window, it works fine as in the case of Microsot Windows by hitting the x icon or issuing the exit terminal command.


Press ALT+F2 and run:

killall gnome-terminal

If you use terminal a lot I recommend you install and run Guake. It is a terminal that hides and shows on shortcut key (F12 by default). You can run long commands then hide the terminal and let it run. Hit F12 to check progress etc.

Thomas Krüger (thkrueger) said : #4

Also you should think about adapting the settings to the key press repeating in the System Settings → Keyboard.

Julianloui (julianloui) said : #5

Andrew and Thomas,

Thank you both very much for your great advice. I'll definitely study the keyboard subject more as it plays such an important part in my daily use of Linux. The killall gnome-terminal command works very well for me.


Julianloui (julianloui) said : #6

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

You can bind a shortcut key to execute the command if you wish.