failet to log at root? im using L-CD but i having doupts!

Asked by Jani Hintu on 2010-05-02

hi i need quik answer. i have live cd karmic koala and i have this odd feeling, that im not alone here??

how can you be sure and how safe i am..

couse my laptops behave is going like doing what it want to do.

im not abble to go root and many more odd things.. pc turn it selfs down when do some important things...

imm not paranoija i used to be then i woke up =D

sfinnihs is more helpfull but i undestand a pit4

cheeers and conttack me directly to

<email address hidden>

at first if you please =)

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Jani Hintu (janihintu) said : #1

how can i be private time whit my only homepet?

Jani Hintu (janihintu) said : #2

Jani Hintu suggests this article as an answer to your question:
FAQ #512: “Boot Ubuntu showing messages (no splash screen)”.

Jani Hintu (janihintu) said : #3

I have this pc laptop whit 4Gram insdide. it ssaid so that paper what is on this machine when yiou buy it,

my 320GB hard drive crasht and now i'm using this a cd live user whitiut any hard drive on it...

now its karmic koala. 9.04 live cd what im useing. berore amy problems there was one human and mint stick.. then flashblashcrash... red line goes on my lcd like laughting on me... then i realiixe that i cant acces my hard drv and neighter my bios....

i know that i dint no nothing! ://///

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Jani Hintu (janihintu) said : #5

upper is some what i did assume that woeks like win .. but heye how can i link pictures on my messages?

Jani Hintu (janihintu) said : #6

vastausosoite <email address hidden>
vastaanottaja <email address hidden>
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aihe Re: [Question #109139]:

 failet to log at root? im using L-CD but i having doupts!
lähettänyt ???

Kunhan saan tuon linkityksen vaikka Wikibediaan niin laitan noita omituisia ohjelmia ja nice ymymyms karmii ihan.

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