How to monitor "Mobile Broadband Connections"

Asked by Rodrigo Donado on 2010-02-04

In the Monitored Resorces, there is an option to monitor Network trafic,

Is it posible to use it to monitor "mobile broadband connections" whn I use it, and "wired networks" when I use them or "wireless networks"?

Thank you

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Federico Vera
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Federico Vera (fedevera) said : #1

Hi! The network manager automatically monitors all the connexions separately. You can see the statistics from "System->Administration->Network tools" and scrolling though the "network devices"

Hope it helps!

Rodrigo Donado (frezeeer) said : #2

Federico, thank you for the quick answer.
I am refering to the small graphs in the panel.
Can I make them display a graph of the broadband, like they monitor the CPU?

Federico Vera (fedevera) said : #3

Hi again! if you use the system-monitor applet (right-click on the panel->Add to panel->System monitor) you can set it up to display the network connections (right click over it->preferences), the connection shown is whichever is active (wireless, wired, etc.).

was that the question?

Rodrigo Donado (frezeeer) said : #4

Yes, that was my question.
My problem is, that the actual program DOES monitor all the connection, showing the active one. but the applet does NOT, it only displais the wired and wireless ones. Any ideas?

Best Federico Vera (fedevera) said : #5

Found it! there's an applet called 'netspeed'[1] you can install it via Synaptic (System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager), once you do this, you need to restart gnome. After restarting a new entry appears in your "add to panel" list "Network monitor". I tried installing it and it seems to work (but I don't have a mobile connexion to test it...=P)


Hope it helps!

Federico Vera (fedevera) said : #6

One correction, you only need to restart if the new entry isn't shown.

Rodrigo Donado (frezeeer) said : #7

Thanks Federico Vera, that solved my question.