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Asked by rus on 2010-01-23

I am using Gateway M210, Ram 712MB (can update up to 1256mb) Pentium M 1.5GHz and I am running Ubuntu on it.
I have updated hard drive to 250gb but in bios it only shows 137Gb ( so I can't use full hard drive.)
I found that i need to update my Bios.
my current Bios version is: W320. F05
( on Gateway support pages I found Bios upgrade version 77.15 dated Aug 5, 2009 but only for Vista )
I tried to open that application with Wine but it does not work.

is there a way to upgrade my BIOS to a newer version then W320.F05 in Ubuntu or Windows XP pro. ?? please help

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You could use a DOS BIOS updater using the .ROM or .BIN from the file

You will nee dthe tool appropritae for your BIOS type (Phoenix, award etc), entering the BIOS will show this.

This may also help:

You could also contact the motherboard manufacturer to ask how they suggest you do this, the make and model will show in the output of:

sudo lshw | head -n 25

rus (ruslan0001) said : #3

is there a simpler way?

mindae (mahendrachaurasia) said : #4

Go the thw web site where you can find the software, download and run the setup it in windows and it will automatically install it. Then restart ur system. I have recently done for Intel System , I ran the software and it got installed and on restart it started showing the newer BIOS version.

rus (ruslan0001) said : #5

mindae said: "Go the thw web site where you can find the software, download and run the setup"

What web site are you talking about?


Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #7

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rus (ruslan0001) said : #8

since I still need answer because I have not yet updated my Bios.
Answer this Question:

I found bios update for this same laptop Gateway M210
BIOS upgrade version 77.15 dated Aug 5, 2009

but only for operation system: Vista

with 736MB of Ram can I just install Vista for a moment and update my Bios and install regular Windows XP.
(would this be a smart idea or not because one I had old computer that had 256Mb of ram and tried Vista and it Killed it but i was able to use computer for one day until I installed vista updates.)
so should I try risking?
or first I should try to get more ram?
Max ram for M210 is up to 1256mb but on ebay there is 2gb for sale can that be true?

Ryan (carbonfreeze) said : #9

I have an HP laptop which requires Vista to run the BIOS update utility. This method requires a Vista OEM or Retail installation disc. As with all BIOS updates, it could hose your system. If you do not understand the instructions, do not attempt to update with this method. This will not work with BIN, ROM or any BIOS updates which are not contained in an executable file.

I was able to update the BIOS via the following method, without having to install Windows:

1). Make sure you have a Vista installation disc. If your BIOS update is designed to work with 32bit Vista, you must use a 32bit Vista install disc. If you BIOS update is designed to work with 64bit Vista, you must use a 64bit Vista install disc.
2). Download the BIOS update from the manufacturers website which matches the Vista disc you have. In my case, both a 32bit and 64bit BIOS update program was available.
3). Save the BIOS update file to a USB stick or Thumbdrive. To make things easier, make sure there aren't any spaces in the file name, and that it is at the root directory (the main directory) of your Thumbdrive.
4). Connect the thumbdrive to the system and boot from your Vista disc.
5). Once your Vista disc has finished starting, select NEXT at the first prompt.
6). At the second prompt, select REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER at the lower left corner of the window.
7). Click NEXT at the System Recovery Options/OS Detection prompt.
9). This will provide you with a DOS-like command prompt window.
10). Navigate to the location of your Thumbdrive. Normally these show up as drive letter E: through H: depending on how many card readers or other storage media you have on your system.

Enter "E:" into the command prompt to navigate to the root/main directory of your Thumbdrive. If you have multiple disks, it may be a different drive letter.

To list the items in your current directory, Enter "dir" into the command prompt.

Once you have located your BIOS update file, enter the filename into the command prompt, such as "biosupdate.exe"

11). Follow the directions on your BIOS update program. It will probably restart your machine.

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