how can I clear the accumulated network history back to zero to avoid getting speed chop from my ISP

Asked by ramlink on 2009-09-17

when I use gnome-system-monitor sometimes I would like to be able to zero the network history values from one of the menus.

My ISP reduces my speed if I download too large a volume in too short a period of time.

It just seems like an easy way to keep and eye on my download traffic. Thanks


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Rajinder Sandhu (sandy744) said : #1

No ISP is worried about your download history...they will be happy if you are downloading to your potential. But under normal conditions all the downloads will start fast and gradually it reduces to normal speed.

ramlink (rhughes-ramlink) said : #2

Sorry, I probably did not make myself clear in the first place.

My ISP states that if I download more that 3Gb or upload 1.25GB at peak periods, on my 10GB connection they will cut my download speed to 5Mb, and upload speed to 192Kb.

I can download 3GB or upload 1.25GB before being restricted.

If I hit the limit during peak hours my connection will be throttled back for five hours from the time their up/download limit is reached

I hardly ever get near these limits BUT to avoid a throttling back at a "bad" time for me I like to monitor this.

All I really want to be able to do is zero the number count for upload and downloads in System monitor without having to reboot. Thank you

Your ISP will monitor the data they send to you. Wahat is on your system does not matter, They will count the data as it flows from them to you. There is no difference if you formatted your system and reinstalled, the ISP will still have a log of you dwnloding ni the previous install.

ramlink (rhughes-ramlink) said : #4

ok thank you