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Asked by tomsk on 2017-03-03


do you plan to add more features to Gnome System Monitor? I would appreciate to see network activity PER PROCESS (send/receive) and disk I/O PER PROCESS (write/read).

Thank you

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I suggest you report a bug. Mark it as a feature request.

You can do this in command line with ntop and iostat (part of sysstat)

tomsk (tomsk-slovak) said : #2

yes I know, but we are in 21 century, why it cant be in system monitor (GUI) ? :)

I like terminal, but as I said we are not in 70's

Funny, because Windows 10 has added BASH to it's terminal and PowerShell is getting used more and more in Windows as well.......

Just because something is command line based doesn't mean it's something from the 70s. It just means it's the tool for the job.

Even Microsoft agree in the latest iteration of their OSes.

tomsk (tomsk-slovak) said : #4

But Microsoft already has frontend for that stuff :) I dont say that terminal is bad (I use it on my VPS's) but there could be a frontend for a newcomers :)

No, PowerShell doesn't have a front-end. It has an IDE but it's still command line.

There may be a GUI fronted for each command but are you going to be running this a lot?

tomsk (tomsk-slovak) said : #6

There dont't have to be GUI for each command, it will be fine if everything will be in 1 app like gnome system monitor, like windows has in Resource Monitor.. For example I use nethogs (monitoring network activty per process) and I use iostat too, if something is my PC doing with drive and I dont know why, or if I want to check system load :) So yes I personally will use it.

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