how to find a process in System Monitor

Asked by rpr nospam on 2008-05-14


On Ubuntu 7.10 (with kernel Linux 2.6.22-14-generic) I have gnome-system-monitor ver. 2.20.1.
Its help (System Monitor Manual V2.1) says:

3.4. To Find a Process

To find a process in the process list, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the Process Listing tab to display the process list.

  2. Type the name of the process in the Search text box. Wildcards are not supported.

  3. Press Return.
    If the process exists, System Monitor highlights the process name in the process list. Press Return repeatedly to highlight other occurrences of the process name in the process list.
    If the process does not exist, System Monitor displays an error dialog.

In the "Process Listing" tab (the Processes tab actually) there is no the Search text box. (It seems that the manual corresponds to an earlier version of the program.)

So, is there a way to search for a process in the System Monitor?

I know I can use "ps | grep" in the shell but I'd like to have a similar feature in the gnome-system-monitor.

-- rpr.

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danielgd (danielgd) said : #1

Try this: If system monitor window has focus (you have clicked on it, for example), you can just type process name and it will be selected as you type. This also works in nautilus, synaptic and many other places.

rpr nospam (rpr-nospam) said : #2


thank you for your answer.

It's not enough that the system monitor window has a focus. You also have to select a row in the process listing.

After that you can find a process by typing the process name (a small search field pops up on the bottom of the window).
If there are multiple processes that correspond to the search pattern, you switch between them using arrow keys or mouse wheel.

In this way you can also search for a user who runs a process (if you enabled the user column in the process listing by Edit -> Preferences -> Processes -> Information Fields).

-- rpr.