System Monitor's speed?

Asked by tashi on 2010-02-05

I'd like to understand how works the speed, for the resources system monitor?
I do use it to check how much I am using my networks, but I can't catch what means that "update speed" (in seconds). Could someone tell me what it does describe?

And I'd also like to know how a program to open a connect to my running machine from elsewhere (connected to the Internet) and through a secure shell but for a X window connection?
Thanks to please tell me, it would be very helpful for me to know!

But I think I should open a certain port on the machine I'd like to connect to, looking like port 22 a ssh port...

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tashi (pierre-mirmont) said : #1

And I also wonder on how to duplicate a window with google Chrome, only with a keyboard shortcut? Thanks to help me for it, would be so much easier!

Ryan Dwyer (ryandwyer) said : #2

The update speed option changes how often the data is sampled.

With Chrome, there's no direct shortcut to duplicate a tab. But you can press Alt + D to give focus to the address bar then Alt + Enter to open it in a new tab. You can do both shortcuts without releasing the Alt key.

tashi (pierre-mirmont) said : #3

Thanks! So about the speed, nothing to do with the size of the history inside the screen? Ok, it's just a medium value for the last number of seconds you said...

And about the tabs duplication inside Chrome, it's a real pity! It would have been quite serviceable to have it I think!

But thanks for sharing your knowledge with me!
(And I said "I still need an answer" to be sure no-one knows a way to do it)

Federico Vera (fedevera) said : #4

Hi! Here you can find the complete list of keyboard shortcuts (no duplicate tab)
BUT! the good news is that there's an excellent extension called 'Amazing Tab Shortcuts'... which includes tab duplicating!

Hope this helps!

tashi (pierre-mirmont) said : #5

Thanks a million too Federico, those pages are really CAPITAL for a Linuxer!

tashi (pierre-mirmont) said : #6

Simple, just need to install the good plugins...
Problem solved now, thanks to you all!

tashi (pierre-mirmont) said : #7

Ok, problem solved! If anyone want's to know the answer, the time entered is the number of minutes to kept drawn on the screen in minutes!

I did not need help, but ... trials to catch this answer... Anyway, thanks for those who answered something, this website is really a great stuff, or even a tool/a widget!

tashi (pierre-mirmont) said : #8

So now the problem is solved,
thanks and congrats to launchpad!