Why is the Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 animation configuration file still utopic.xml and not vivid.xml?

Asked by Wise Melon on 2015-09-03

As said in the linked bug report, @Tim said that in Vivid there is a file called '/usr/share/gnome-background-properties/ug-utopic-wallpapers.xml' and '/usr/share/backgrounds/ubuntu-gnome/utopic.xml', so I have a question, why `utopic` in the name and not `vivid` on 15.04? Is this a bug? Or is there some specific reason for why the name has 'utopic' in it and not 'vivid' on Vivid?

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You have reported a bug, you don't need a question as well.

Sounds like an oversight to me (a bug). Easily resolved with a symlink, or rename the file via updates.

Ok, so this is a bug then that should, and can, be easily fixed? Should I convert this into a bug report then, or should I just leave it and you fix it whenever?

I'm not a bug fixer, looks like you have posted bug #1489116 ....

Yes, but I posted it about a different matter, and it was marked as invalid. So I really think that I should file a new report, even though it was the answer to my previous report which helped me to find the bug here.