Can't configure Gnome Shell Weather Indicator Extension

Asked by Geoff Smith on 2012-10-01

I installed a Gnome Shell Weather Extension (not sure which one) and entered the WOEID in the Weather Configurator page.
Status in top panel changed to "Please wait Loading" for more than 1 day. What do I need to do to get the configurator to do it's job?
WOEID consisting of 7 numbers is correct as far as I know.

Thank you.

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Geoff Smith
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Did you try changing data source for the weather?

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #2

Hi and thanks actionparsnip -
I first tried WOEID from -

And now will try version from -

No result as yet - I will keep my eye on it - thank you.

How did you install the indicator itself?

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #4

I simply entered the WOEID into the required spaced and then exited the configurator page - the problem may well be there - I don't know what I should do to actually apply the number to the configurator. There did not appear to me an option to actually register the new WOEID.

How did you install the application?

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #6

Sorry if I'm a bit vague but from memory although I only did it a few days ago it was a ppa installation from Web upd8. Does that make sense?

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #7

This 12.04.1 installation is new and I was adding a weather installation - it is not the one I had previously. If I knew how I would consider removing it and re-installing the original weather installation if I could find it. The configuration was much simpler.

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #9

One thing I just thought of - perhaps I need to click on the loading symbol in the top panel until such time it takes for the new information to register - I will try that - sorry for messing you around actionparsnip.

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #10

That certainly looks to be a better alternative with no WOEID to enter. The problem arises as to how to remove the present extension - I would need guidance to do that. With no result coming from that area (which I would prefer) I could try later to method in #9. That may well be the way to go to get this method to work - after all it does say please wait and then in big letters LOADING. It may be a matter of waiting for as long as it takes for the new information to be congfigured. I won't try it for now to see if you can come up with any method of removing the present extension. If I don't receive any answer from you soon I will #9 again.
Thanks again actionparsnip.

Geoff Smith (taurusone) said : #11

Found a solution at last -
On first page of Wep upd8 under Gnome Shell I found a new weather indicator by Neroth. Removal of old system proved easy so now I am up and running again with a decent Weather Indicator.

Sorry to take up so much of your time actionparsnip - Many thanks.

Geoff Smith