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Asked by Jakub Dubovsky

Hi there,

  I have a problem with keyboard layout indicator and I want to file a bug. But I don't know which package might be responsible for that nor which project it actually is (ubuntu vs. unity). So if you could help me to find out.

  I use three different keyboard layouts, switching between them with shortcut and having "Allow different layouts for individual windows" option enabled. In this configuration layout switch should be processed when shortcut is triggered or when I switch to another window. Moreover "to switch layout" means two things. Firstly it means to switch keyboard mappings themself and secondly to change what layout indicator shows.

  The problem itself: mappings which is used is often not the same as indicator shows. I experimented a little to find out what is wrong and now I see that the mistake is in processing switch-window event which always changes mappings used but doesn't refresh what indicator is showing...

  I have some little experience with programming so I though I can try to fix my first bug since it looks it might be easy. But I immediately hit the problem when trying to file the bug. I have no idea in which package theese things are managed. I don't know much about linux design either. I have looked through some bug reports and as a result my candidates are "console-setup" and "gnome-settings-daemon" but I don't want to make a fault with bug report.

  Please advice if you can, thank you :)

  PS: I was really surprised that I didn't find bug report for my problem. I hate when I type a password while falsely believing that I am using english layout as shown by indicator. And seeing the mistake afterwards. Am I really only one who uses layout indicator?

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Best Sam_ (and-sam) said :

> but I don't want to make a fault with bug report

No need to feel that way. Triagers will assign it to the correct package and everyone will appreciate your effort to make Ubuntu better.
My starting point is usually the app itself, in this case it belongs to gnome-control-center, from the discription triagers may add another project, in this case it may also need to be assigned to upstream.
Since the indicator seems to be the culprit g-s-d could also be involved.


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Jakub Dubovsky (james64) said :

Thank you for prompt response. So I am going to fill the bug report. Then I will wait for it to be triaged. And I will look through the sources of packages assigned to learn something new...

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Jakub Dubovsky (james64) said :

Thanks Sam_, that solved my question.

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Constantine (theaspect) said :

Re: Jakub Dubovsky

Could you please link your bugreport to this question, I have same issue