The screen is dim, and I cannot see too well how do I fix this?

Asked by Scott Rosenberger Jr on 2011-08-01

The whole system checks out, everything boots up normally, just like it should, it's just difficult to see, is there a way to adjust this?

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What is the make and model of the system? Its massively crucial to the question and you left it out....

to be honest I don't know :/

That's ok then. Look around the system for identifyingmarks and model names, brands help too (Dell, Compaq etc). If it is a home build then this will not apply but you should tell us it's a home build :)

It's a compaq of some sort... used to run windows xp probably from 2002. some random stickers say AMD Sempron Mobile and graphics by nvidia. when I try to look for information on the computer from the system information it's just vague, very vague

it says ( under "system monitoring")
-release 10.10 (maverick)
-kernel linux 2.6.35-22-generic
-GNOME 2.32.0
Memory 1.9GiB
Processor: Moile AMD Sempron(tm)
System Status
Available disk space 28.4 GiB
I should just chuck it out a window..................

Cool, the model is the Compq Presario v3000 :)

Is there a shortcut combination to make the screen get brighter or dimmer?

not that i'm aware of, I've touched every key that I have on this thing, nothing seems to make it nicer to look at.

well, thanks for trying to help me, I think I'll just buy a new one later on, I'm not going to use Ubuntu again thats for sure