can't adjust date and time settings in 11.04

Asked by Franklin Percival on 2011-08-20

Is there some way to re-install it?

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delance (olivier-delance) said : #1

Menu System->Preferences->Date and Hour with GUI Gnome Classic.
For Unity, select icon with a "+" and search inside sub-panel System.
Please tell us which GUI you are using.

I'm using Unity.

>Installed Applications >Time & Date ... nothing happens.

Click clock (24 hour showing minutes but not seconds as earlier selected) >Time & Date Settings ... nothing happens.

Something like happened when I was using 10.10 and I can't remember if I ever solved it. Could my recent installation of Wine have any bearing on the matter?

Is it possible to approach this problem from the Command Line, can anyone advise please?

Best delance (olivier-delance) said : #4

Could you report result of command "date" ?
Command "man date" will explain you how to use command date. To change date, you need to add "sudo" before any "date" command.

Many thanks all for your suggestions. Problem seems to have been "casper incomplete".