calendar, weather, gone

Asked by Gary Mercado on 2011-07-29

when i opened my laptop this morning, my calendar and weather are missing.
replaced by evolution icon(envelope).
last update i received, about jde java, and log in file or something.
i can't remember exactly all the updates i installed, applets/icons on upper panel are all working
before updates the other day.
what is the problem with my ubuntu 10.04 ?

thanks for any help


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Gary Mercado (gary18) said : #1

additional problem..

applications>report a problem>> is not working too.
as i remember when i tick/click the "report a problem" button,
laptop/ubuntu will automatically collect problem/data and then it will open firefox to take me to
launchpad to post question.
but now, no reaction if i tick/click it..
the "report a problem" button is the problem itself.

something strange happening on my laptop.
i need bug busters..

thanks !


Try resetting your panel completely, using the procedure in this article:

However, please note that you must be *very* careful while running "rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel". If you were to accidentally put a space between ~ and / or between / and ., the command would mean something very different, and it would try (and largely succeed) to delete all the files in your home directory. (See my comment in that article, posted 8 July 2011, for details.)

That will most likely fix the problem with the panel, and leave your problem with Help > Report a Problem unchanged. Assuming that is what happens, you should post a new question about your problem using Help > Report a Problem, since that is a separate topic. (You can use

Gary Mercado (gary18) said : #3

hi, sir eliah,

without me first checking this site for answer/reply to my question.
i opened my laptop this afternoon and i opened my synaptic package manager
then search the "gnome panel" and all items pertaining panel.
i downloaded/reinstall all of it, then i restart laptop.
i noticed the clock and date is back but no weather.
i tick the cock and tick the "edit" button (blue-white map)
i edited the weather menu then weather appeared.
i do not know if that is proper way to do it but it worked.
but this is not good if me/user do not have internet connection, since reinstalling using synaptic requires internet connection.

in my question, the panel is missing the default item/s and not the panel with all the items.
in the event i accidentally deleted a panel, what i do is right click the remaining panel to "add new panel" then tick the "orientation" to choose where to place new panel.
from there, i will again right click the new panel to add items.

again, i do not know if my way is correct and if panel is reset properly
but somehow it is working.,,for now.
for new linux user like me sometimes i am afraid to use terminal,
and as you said, one wrong command will give very bad result.

the link you gave is a big help in case i will again encounter this panel problem.
i will keep that command/procedure you gave and bookmark the page/site.
i will do experiment, i will delete one panel and then use terminal to get panel back.

ok,, thank you very much..