Allow Use of Arrow Keys across entire Gnome Panel

Asked by Marco Parillo on 2010-10-28

<Alt><F1> Highlights Applications, and I can use my arrow keys down to Accessories, etc. and across to Places and System.
But it stops there?
I would like to be able to keep moving to the Icon to launch Firefox (the way I read the help, that is called a Launcher), and, ideally even further to the icon for my wireless adaptor (I think that is called an Applet).
Is that possible?

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Phillip Susi (psusi) said : #1

I believe the answer is no. Converting this to a question since it is not a bug report.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #3

Thank you actionparsnip. I have read the docs on mousekeys, and it seems to me that this is an accessibility feature. I am not really interested in using my arrow keys to move the mouse pointer slowly around the screen, but instead I was hoping to use the arrow or tab, or Page Dn etc.keys to skip along the various icons for Launchers and Applets on my top Gnome Panel Menu Bar.

And thank you Phillip Susi. If it is not possible (which sounds likely as my original question was raised a week ago), and therefore working as designed, I was intending to create a bug, phrasing it as a new feature request, but I could not select the Importance to Wish List, because I lacked the authorization. Could my bug report be converted to a Feature Request / Wish List item?

You can create a suggestion on

And it may be impleamented.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #5

Thank you actionparsnip, I have just requested a brainstorm account.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #6

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #7

This is really resolved in 11.04. <F10> seems to start in the application's menu, and as I <right arrow>, I get the Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. menu options.