Unable to build ndiswrapper-dkms module against newest kernel (3.5.0-17 / Quantal Quetzal)

Asked by Thorsteinn A. Malmjursson on 2012-10-18

Hi. I upgraded to 12.10 about 2 hours ago, and unfortunately for me, I cannot get on the internet from it. The ndiswrapper-dkms module will not build against 3.5.0-17, and when I attempted to build it, it deleted the previous versions of the module from my other kernels - and since I don't have the kernel sources for those installed, it now won't build against any of them either.

At this point, the only way I'm able to get on the internet is to use my USB stick containing Natty Narwhal, manually install ndiswrapper's bits and bobs from there, and get myself up this way. I am in desperate need of help. I have uploaded a picture to the internet (to imgur.com in fact), which I photographed from my monitor when the module failed to build, and I've pastebinned the contents of the make log to show you what went wrong.

Hopefully (quickly) I will be able to get back on the internet - but at the moment, 11.04 is my OS until I can get 12.10 to work :)

Link to photo: http://imgur.com/HWpw5

Link to pastebin of dkms make log: http://pastebin.com/qycP6s7B

Thank you :)

What network chip do you use?

I use an Atheros AR5523 chip - the device is 129B:160C (Siemens Gigaset USB108). I've tried with native modules for the Atheros sets, Ath5 and so on, none of them work. They don't support the device.


There is a native driver, just needs compiling....

I'm sorry to disappoint you, actionparsnip, but I have tried that driver on every release of Kubuntu since 11.04, and it doesn't function correctly on any of them with 129B:160C - if it did, I wouldn't be using ndiswrapper :) I'll try it with Quantal, but to be upfront with you from the word "go", I'm not getting my hopes up.

In reference to #4, unfortunately, it is as I had expected. http://pastebin.com/BNRkP2wA - Another fail.

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