How can I Bridge A Network Connection?

Asked by Kevin G on 2007-12-08

I have two network cards on my Dual Boot XP / Gusty Gibbon machine. I want to bridge my network connection to connect my XBOX 360 to the network through my computer. I have already done this under XP but i am new to LINUX and cannot find a way to do this.

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Best Olivier (olivier-lacroix) said : #1

Hi !

have a look at this thread and tell me if it helps

Kevin G (socerplayer391) said : #2

Thankyou for your help

Aiden Boustead (estonia96) said : #3

Hi a step by step guide to bridging universalised to cross platforms:

Part A

  Step 1: Go into your network settings (usually: menu/system setting, system tools or preferences/something like 'network connections'

 Step 2: 'right click' on the port you want use to connect to "an xbox" and edit (if your on lubuntu like me then 'edit' will be in a panel on the right hand side of the window)

 Step 3: go to 'IPv4' settings tab and change method to 'shared to other computers'. (bearing in mind that this layout is for lubuntu it may not differ much than others)

Part B

Now for the tricky part. Now unfortunatly, you CANNOT just hookup an Ethenet cable to any device and 'hey presto' I've got Internet on this. As the 'common Ethernt port on any device'usually 'eth0' is for 'incomming connections' the data will be going through the wrong connector in the tethered device so there will be no network access at all. to over come this problem you will need either:

option one:
a router or modem with an input and out put ethernet port
two ethernet (rj45/cat5) cables

// simply plug the laptop or pc side into the input port and the tethered device in the output port

b&q, homebase, currys and other diy stores with an tele-communications depatment should do these{
option 2:
two ethernet (rj45/cat5) cables
a ethernet (rj45/cat5) crossover adapter

// doesnt matter which way round pc/laptop one end tethered device in the other

option 3:
a ethernet (rj45/cat5) crossover cable

// basically plug_n_play

make a crossover cable: warning if you are color blind or have trouble seeing small object I personally recommend not to use the following as a solution as you will likely find it difficult to tell the difference between the cables. not being horrible just trying to save you money.
two helpful diagrams top and middle will help with these options

option 4:
a ethernet (rj45/cat5) patch cable

// cut an ethernet (rj45/cat5) cable in half, untwist all the cable and use the diagrams to help connect them 'crossed over'. as you will notice only cables 1,2,3 and 6 are crossed over (as shown on the diagrams)

option 5:
a ethernet (rj45/cat5)
non flammable, insulative material like electrical

// cut an ethernet (rj45/cat5) cable in half, untwist all the cable and use the diagrams to help connect them 'crossed over'. twist the bare wire to the diagram and the tape or other materials around the twisted wires individually and then bind them together. I have done this for my xbox 360 and it works well. if you do it right you shouldnt have any problems.

hope everyone finds this useful. any questions send me a messege and i'll try and reply.