Wireless Network is Disabled When Laptop is Restarted After Installing Ubuntu File Sharing Services and on another Desktop PC Shared folders are No More Shared after each Restart.

Asked by Salik Mahmud on 2010-07-22

Hi! I am Using Dell Inspiron 1564 Laptop Intel i3 CPU and with Broadcom 413 Series Wireless Network Card and 4GB DDR RAM. Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 installed via wubi inside windows7.

After Enabling File Sharing Services on Ubuntu 10.04 My Wireless Network is Disabled and Does Not get back by any means although the driver remains active. Even I tried editing the Wifi Config File manually setting Wireless Network Present= False to the True Condition means Wireless Network Present = True still It didn't help. I used the manual editing of config file under instructions from another query at Ubuntu forums. (I am still a learner of Linux myself)

1-When I first faced this issue I was not sure why did it happen so I simply formatted and reinstalled the Ubuntu and error went off. My wireless network was now working fine till this afternoon. I did have a doubt on Samba services last time so This time I installed the file sharing services and even transferred a folder from my desktop with same OS to my laptop but then I restarted The laptop the Wireless Network Got Disabled and Could Not be Enabled by any Means Until I Removed all SAMBA Services / Packages from Ubuntu Software Center and restarted the Laptop. Now again Wireless network is enabled automatically and working.

2- Secondly In My Desktop When I share a folder from my desktop computer It works fine but after the restart the Shared folders are no more shared and I have to Share each folder again after every restart. The Desktop is An AMD Athlon X2 (64Bit) Dual core 2.1Ghz with Asus Motherboard of NV Series and Has 3GB DDR III RAM running in dual boot with windows XP SP3 but windows XP is on Separate Physical Hard Drive and I use F8 on Boot to Select which HDD to boot from. Wifi working through ASUS USB, EZ Series Wifi Card connected to USB on My Desktop.

Somebody Please Help.

Salik Mahmud

On the desktop, are they completely not shared at all, or just show up as not shared in the file browser? I know in mine, My shared folders don't appear to be shared, but they still available on the network.

Salik Mahmud (salikmahmud) said : #2

Once the PC is Restarted The Shared Folders are no more Shared at all. Neither they show up as shared nor they are shared when accessed from other Pc or Laptop.

Issue #1 mentioned above is more critical that when I install File Sharing services on my laptop; the wireless network goes disabled after a restart.

Every Second day I face a new problem in ubuntu and now I wonder if this is the situation then why did I switch from Microsoft atleast old and known bugs have solutions readily available while here on lauchpad sometimes my questions remain unanswered for a month or so and sometimes community people do try to help yet they fail.

Specially WIFI seems to be a huge challenge for Ubuntu / Linux Developers, they need a 100 Fixes in it I suppose :(

Salik Mahmud (salikmahmud) said : #3

Anyone has any answers yet?

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