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Asked by Sukhendu Ghosal on 2011-04-15

I am new in Ubuntu, I want to know the videos with better resolution are not clear when playing but the videos with low resolution like flash videos are looking well and clear. Also my sound is not clear , little noisy .Is there any conflicts in multimedia driver in my system. I have seen in windows they are behaving opposite as their resolution. Any idea ? How can I confirm that my drivers are correctly installed.

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Benjamin Kerensa
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Benjamin Kerensa (bkerensa) said : #1


To better assist you can you answer the following questions:

1. What browser or video player are you using when the poor quality playback occurs?

2. Does the poor quality playback only happen with certain formats and if so which ones?

3. To troubleshoot the quality issue can you please load the following Youtube video in 1080p and watch it in normal resolution for a few second and then put it in fullscreen and tell me if there is a very noticeable difference in video quality.

4. What are the specs of your video hardware and do you have a driver installed?

5. Which version of Ubuntu is running and is it up to date?

Once you provide this information I should be able to provide a answer

thanks for replying,the answers are

1. I am using firefox 4.0 browser and Totem Movie Player 2.32.0 and VLC media player 1.1.7. (both player are facing same problem)

2. It is happening for avi file most, I am explaining the fact an avi song is playing clearly in my friends windows and a flv file is poor quality.........but in my system (Ubuntu 10.10) , the flv is playing good quality but the avi file is in poor quality.(same file and same player VLC)

3. 1080p videos are playing very well no problem with them,since they are in mp4 format.

4. "What are the specs of your video hardware"-- I cant understand this question please tell me in detail I am new in Ubuntu.

         I don't install any driver , I have installed only my wireless driver.

5. Ubuntu 10.10 & it is fully up to date.


SWAGATAK GHOSH (swagatak) said : #3

any idea.................??


Best Benjamin Kerensa (bkerensa) said : #4

Based on your responses It doesn't seem like anything is wrong with your video hardware if the issues is not replicated across all video formats so I don't think its a driver issue which leads me to believe it could possibly be a misconfiguration OR even more likely that the video file you are trying to watch may not have the strongest support on Linux.

I suggest doing some more research on the matter Ubuntu Forums is a good place to do some searching.

thanks Benjamin Kerensa

Thanks Benjamin Kerensa, that solved my question.