Changing card style in Aisle Riot

Asked by Kristinn Eysteinsson on 2011-10-30

How can I change the card style (images on face and back of cards) in Aisle Riot Solitair? I know this should be possible, because there is a menu item under View to do just that. When I click on it, though, it asks me "install the following software", but doesn't list any software to install and the "Install" button is disabled.

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Chris (fabricator4) said : #1

The extra package that needs to be installed is gnome-cards-data. You can try installing it through software center, or if it thinks it is already installed, remove it and re-install it.


Kristinn Eysteinsson (x-theo) said : #2

I'm afraid that uninstalling and reinstalling didn't change anything. I tried downloading the Gnome Games package and installing manually, but that didn't work either, since some environment variable was missing. Apparently, Ubuntu wants to decide what I do with my system, instead of letting me decide.

The reason I asked in the first place was that I was having problems with some drivers. My microphone didn't work and the only USB devices that worked were my keyboard and mouse. My USB headphones won't work and neither will my scanner or my camera. I know it's not a hardware problem, since I can dual boot with Fedora, and everything works fine there. That's a 32 bit OS, though, and I needed a 64 bit OS, to be able to use more memory. Everything worked fine in 64 bit Ubuntu, until things started going wrong a couple of months ago, probably after an automatic update. I downloaded the live CD of the newest Ubuntu, and the drivers there worked. That's why I upgraded. After the upgrade, nothing was fixed, but many things were messed up (to put it politely). The different look in Solitair was just the first thing I noticed. It may not be a major problem but, because of my eyesight, I find the new look more difficult to use. Since sending in my question, I've noticed a number of other things.

* OpenOffice was completely removed and replaced with Libre Office, which I did not ask for. I removed it using the software center and installed OpenOffice, but the sofware center lied. It didn't install OpenOffice, like I asked it to, but installed Libre Office instead. I had to go and download OpenOffice and install it manually. Of course, all my settings, such as custom quotes, are gone.

* I have a new FireFox, which I did not ask for, and which I find not as easy to use. I wasn't having any problems with the version I had and, since it's not part of the OS itself, it shouldn't have been changed.

*Even though I had only used Firefox before, it was no longer my default browser.

* used VirtualBox to run other operating systems. I had put all virtual machines and virtual disks on a separate drive, so as not to take up room on my home directory. Not only did they update VirtualBox without asking me, making things slower, they also moved all the virtual machines and disks to a directory in my home folder.

All I wanted to do was to fix some drivers, not mess with every program I had. This uprgade has totally fucked up my system. I will be looking for another distribution to use and will no longer recomend Ubuntu to my friends.

Thanks for the help anyway,
Kristinn Eysteinsson

GIANNISNATS (gnatso2000) said : #3

Try this on terminal

sudo apt-get install gnome-games-extra-data

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