Quadrapassel flashes on and off when used...

Asked by Ruy Valle on 2010-07-13


The game called which is now called Quadrapassel (a.k.a Gnometris in the past) works very strangely on my computer. When I open it, there is nothing but grey until I click new. When I click new (game), the background appears for about 1 second and I see the shape which is falling, but the screen turns grey again. This happens throughout the games: every time a new shape appears, the background and shape are visible, but they get covered by gray again everytime, and when I move the mouse around, everything stays gray no matter what. I do not know if this is due to my computer or some sort of setting, but I think it is. My brother has the game too on his computer, but his works and mine doesn't. We both have Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx; the only difference is that my brother has the 32-bit version and I have the 64-bit. I know a bit of programming, but I do not consider myself a too experienced or talented one. However, if there is a solution to my problem that involves a bit of programming or modifying scripts or something like that, I should be able to do it as long as there are relatively clear explanations.

I know this isn't a too important problem, and I am disposed to wait for quite some time before getting some answers, but I would enjoy being able to play Tetris without going to an online site on my computer.

Thank you very much for your time and help.

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launch the app from terminal. When it crashes, paste the output here.

Ruy Valle (ruyvalle) said : #2

Actually, the game doesn't crash, it's just that you can't see the screen half or even more of the time, so it's annoying. Anyway, I ran Quadrapassel in terminal like you asked and I had the following output:
ruy@ruy-laptop:~$ quadrapassel

(quadrapassel:1748): ClutterGLX-CRITICAL **: Unable to make the stage window 0x4200006 the current GLX drawable

(quadrapassel:1748): ClutterGLX-CRITICAL **: Unable to make the stage window 0x4200007 the current GLX drawable

Thanks again for your help.

I'd log a bug by running:

ubuntu-bug quadrapassel

Paste the output you gave above as extra info too.

Ruy Valle (ruyvalle) said : #4

Good news! I installed Gnome-shell just for the sake of it (and I tried it of course). There was too much lag too my liking so I went back to normal Gnome. That was yesterday. Today, I decided to give Quadrapassel a try again and *pouf* it works! I have no clue as to why it works now, for I don't really recall changing anything... The only thing I did that differs somewhat from the usual is what I said above: I installed and tried out Gnome-shell. Hopefully this might give some clue to programmers about why this bug arose. I won't put this bug as solved just yet. I'll just wait a bit to see if the problem comes back or not. Hopefully though it won't.

Cool, you got the gold. Please mark as solved.

Ruy Valle (ruyvalle) said : #6

Fine then. I'd just like to give a hypothesis: I just remembered that in the steps required to install Gnome-shell it was necessary to disable special effects (System-->Preferences-->Appearance-->Visual Effects) before installing it. I think that it's probably related somehow to Quadrapassel. Anyway, yeah problem solved!