I do not understand one setting in a glChess dialog box.

Asked by AndreyPutilov on 2010-04-19

In a glChess program in Ubuntu 9.10 I do not understand the second setting, something like "moves format" (ru: "Формат ходов"). It may become "Human" (ru: "Человек"), "Standard algeraic" (ru: "Стандартная алгебраическая"), Statuettes (ru: "Статуэтки"), "Full algeraic" (ru: "Полная алгебраическая"). Please help. Thank you.

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Best Tom (tom6) said : #2

Hi :)

In the drop-down bar at the bottom where it shows the what moves have been made those preferences show

Human = long description. So, "White knight at d5 takes black queen at f4"

Standard Algebraic = letter indicating piece, coordinates of the square moved to, x = captures. So, "Nxf4" mean knight takes the piece at f4

Figurine = picture of piece is shown but standard algebraic describes movement. So, "[picture of horse-head]xf4"

Long Algebraic = starting coordinates & ending coordinates, you have to already know or guess what the piece is & you have to already know or guess if there was a piece already on the square that gets taken. So, "d5d4"

I hope this helps!
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

AndreyPutilov (anputilov) said : #3

Thank you very much. Yes, this is what I was looking for!

AndreyPutilov (anputilov) said : #4

Thanks Tom, that solved my question.

Tom (tom6) said : #5

Hi :)

Thanks :) I am glad i was able to help there :) I used to prefer the Long-Algebraic but over the years i have grown more fond of the older Standard-Algebraic. The Figurine style is just cute and also features in chess books sometimes.

Regards from
Tom :)