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   I have a number of packages/apps that could be updates(upgraded). Can these upgrades/updates be achieved via the terminal. If so, could one point me to that 'how-to" site? I've got VLC and Gthumb latest versions D/l, but am baffled by their instructions in the 'readme" files? Also, is there a way/ a program that could be used that checks for the latest versions of the installed packages and let's me know?

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Manfred Hampl
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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Why do you want to update the version? Do the current packages not do what you need?

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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Usually software packages depend on each other (package A can only run, if package B is installed with a version greater or equal C, etc.). When you stick to the standard Ubuntu sources you can be sure, that these dependency problems are taken into account, and you will not run into a problem. Ubuntu provides the packages in a format that they can be installed or uninstalled with few mouse clicks in Software-Center or similar programs. If there are updated versions of packages available in the Ubuntu repository for your Ubuntu release, Ubuntu's update-manager will download and install these.

If you decide to download applications (or new application versions) from other sources, you do that in your own responsibility. You have to verify dependencies, investigate the steps needed for building the application (this can differ very much between packages) etc. We can give support only for the standard Ubuntu package versions, not for problems with software downloaded from other sources.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Reply to Manfred:

   Thank You...I'm aware of what "Ubuntu" does regarding packages/apps. What I was asking is why ubuntu does not automatically update or show an updated vesion of an app/package that's available. Case-in-point: As I was commenting on the slowness of Asunder and someone asked 'What "version" I was running". I was then informed I had a much older/outdated version and that the "newer" vesion did indeed run quite quickly, plus, it also had .ape file capability built-in. I went back to UBS and found it still had vesion xxx as for it's install. So, I'm just trying to "update/upgrade" a few apps/packages. There are "updated" versions of many of the apps and some have features available that are not in the packages I'm currently using. I'm not going outside of any software that Linux uses/recommends. I hope you, now, understand I'm not trying to hack anything.
Thank you:

REPLY to Actionparsnip:

   Hey Andrew:

    Quote: "Why do you want to update the version". You answered that question with the next part of your sentence. Asunder, for example, has in it's newer version, built-in ability to use .ape formatting, plus, I'm told, it's ripping speed is superior to the version I was running. VLC and Gthumb are in the same way, they have tools in the newer apps that are not in the current "Ubuntu Software Center" repositories version.
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Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Asunder might be a good example for explaining Ubuntu's update concept:

I do not know which Ubuntu release you are running, for the remainder I am assuming 14.04 trusty.

Ubuntu is taking over many packages from Debian, (usually from the stable release of Debian).

When Ubuntu 14.04 was published, it contained asunder 2.2
I assume that at that moment the stable release of Debian contained the 2.2 version, which at that time was already a bit dated.
Apart from bug fixes, there is no plan to provide a higher version for Ubuntu trusty. see also

Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04 already contain a packaged version of 2.5
If you describe the benefits of version 2.7 over 2.5, it might be possible that 15.04 will even contain a 2.7 version of asunder (rather unlikely, because Debian testing and unstable are only on 2.5).

The chances that I see for you to get a version of asunder higher than the one you currently have:

1. upgrade to the newest Ubuntu release (currently 14.10, or even the instable development version 15.04)
2. Look for a PPA with such version (there are some with 2.5 for trusty) (general disclaimer about PPAs applicable)
3. Create your own PPA with such version
4. Download the current source from the asunder web page and compile your program yourself.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.

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Rick Miller (69rixter) said :

Reply to Manfred:

   Thank You for your information. Yes, I went ahead and updated Asunder per instructions on their webpage: And be not concerned with the "unstable" command. It is now "stable". The writing of that article is outdated.(they will soon be releasing 2.7) Yes, there are many options for updating and I see why some of the apps I have are not current. You been a great help!
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