i have bad sectors now on hard drive using ubuntu 10.04

Asked by Gary Mercado

 i opened disc utility today and it says that i have bad sectors on hard drive.
is it caused by increased laptop temperature with using ubuntu 10.04 ?
it runs hotter as i notice unlike when i was using 9.10.
considering that i seldom use the laptop, why will it fail just like that.?
no other third party applications installed.. only the default settings and apps that came with live cd..
this is the second time i opened that "disc utility" since i use ubuntu..
first on 9.10 and just today 10.04.
all the while i knew nothing is wrong with harddrive but now i am worried it will just fail anytime..
what other possible reason it begins to fail ?
how will i save the hard drive ?
should i replace the Operating system ?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you grab the ultimate boot CD and test the drive using the manufacturers tool. If it is bad, just replace it then restore userdata from backup.

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primefalcon (primefalcon) said :

Agreed with actionparsnip the palimset utility in 10.04 if I remember correctly had a lot of issues as far as false positives go....

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said :

using ubuntu 10.04 didn't cause the bad sectors. they occur after using your harddisk for awhile. they're also present on new drives and are usually marked as bad by the manufacturer before the drive is sold.

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Gary Mercado (gary18) said :

 thanks for reply.
i found the website to download ultimate boot cd but i don't understand the manufacturing tool mr. andrew666 said..what isthat and where to get it ?

to mr primefalcon,
palimsest may also be reporting wrong info, i surf internet about "smartctl", to have idea.
i am still in the processes of searching solution before replacing hard drive.
and hard drive these days is hard to find. slow production from asia due to recent typhoon..

to mr marcus,
i don't understand why manufacturers will mark the products bad before they sell it..
can i still save the harddrive ?

but overall, my observation in using 10.04 on my HP, it runs hotter than when i was using it with windows 7 ultimate.
although it runs good with 10.04, the temperature is above normal,, 55'C even at stand-by.
i checked specifications and it should just run at 35'C without writing optical and 41'C writing optical..
it is also possible the excessive heat running ubuntu on my machine resulted to premature breakdown.
any electronic device expose to heat will break ,,also happens on cars electronics and even the engine.
and also to us, exposing our selves to excessive heat will kill us.
age and usage i will put aside, machine is just 2 years old, 301 days used, 2-4 hours a day ON.

my problem now is getting a hard drive as there is shortage in asia.
i will try ultimate boot cd as recommended by mr. actionparsnip and i hope it will revive hard drive.
 this move will give me a BORN AGAIN laptop ! alelluia.. amen
the computer technician that checked my laptop said if he can get me a brand new hard drive
he will try to install 10.04, if temperature will exceed above the specification of laptop design,
he has no choice but to remove ubuntu and install windows OS.. as it is designed for windows OS..
right now my ubuntu is dead.. i'm on my samsung netbook with windows 7 starter.
not as fast and beautiful as ubuntu but at least it works and still serving me.
temperature of this is like it is OFF..all around the surface is cold and i can't even hear the fan running.
 i hope ubuntu will be like this...


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Boot to the CD and you will see the drive testing tools in the menus. You ca use your BIOS or OS to see what make the drive is and use the tool to scan it.

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Gary Mercado (gary18) said :

hi everyone.
its been awhile since my last log in here.
this is what happened.
the problem is not caused by OS alone,
the technician who tested the laptop said the problem is not apparent at the time of sale to me and the retail store failed to
test during the sale which is a standard procedure,
glitches on harddrive may also be hidden to me by the retail store because they are afraid of lost sale.
laptop box is not sealed when they sold the machine to me.
HP failed to provide proper importation document of the laptop.
the retail store that sell all brand of laptop forcefully gave HP brand when they can not find a dell laptop for me.
afraid to refund my money, retailer instead gave the HP brand.
i filed a complaint/case to HP and to the authorized reseller.
HP and the retailer store was ordered to replace my laptop with a brand new unit or refund in full amount plus damages.
the OS ubuntu is just a contributing factor of premature hard drive failure as what the technician testified.
excessive heat beyond the specs/design will really breakdown a machine,, which is true in any product, even on humans.

the technician pressed F10 while starting to perform self test on hard drive.
it showed "read failure"
i'm just wondering why the machine(laptop) still runs the same/well even with defective hard drive.
i tried installing windows OS and it won't even load.
i reinstalled the 9.04 and the machine installed it.
after a while i installed again 10.04 and result is good.
then i again tried installing windows OS, and again the machine won't accept any more.
during the week of machine from the day i bought it, windows can be installed but with frequent screen freeze.
now the windows OS is barred from installing.
i hope the machine is not possessed.

 if i get a new laptop i will test it with the latest ubuntu OS.

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