Duplex printing using different settings

Asked by Clint Steed

I have 2 issues regarding duplex printing.

Firstly, there are 2 places where printer options are set and different applications use either of the two. They are set seperately and do not change each other.

Secondly, the Evince in-app printing options do not override the default printer options.

1. Duplex printing in (Evince) Document Viewer is controlled from gnome-control-center (Settings->Printers->Printer Options). The in-app duplex-settings do not work.
2. Duplex printing in Mendeley is controlled from system-config-printer (Settings->Printers->Additional Printer Settings).

Why would different applications use different printer default options?
Should they not be unified?
If the in-app settings don't work how do we save the trees?

Note: This could be responsible for numerous duplex printing bugs so I have not linked to all.

Printer: Samsung x3220

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