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Asked by Sean

seeking to remove Gnash SWF Viewer........ Directed by ADD/REMOVE to go to synaptic Package manager...... I press search and put in Gnash SWF Viewer and it doesnt appear so as to remove it.

In my applications it is there but when I press it nothing happens?
thanks for your help

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Dawid Pogorzelski (creative-mindworks) said :

Hi,instead of Gnash SWF Viewer just search for gnash or if you want to remove it manually type 'locate gnash' from shell and remove all the directories

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Sean (mareshah) said :

Hello Dawid
thanks for your help

While trying to access Back to the with Woodrow Kroll and Tammi |Weizzert i found a problem while having enjoyed it successfully for a while. I noticed when I pressed " watch read or listen to" a viewing box with swf application appears with a player almost out of the screen therefore I cant see but hear the broadcast. So I tried removing gnash SWF viewer in the hope that some other player might come on instead but alas nothing appears when I press "Watch" Can you help?

Before it went wrong I used to be able to go from Watch listen or read bar on the right hand side list to pressing the WATCH button to enjoy it.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

Hi Sean,
there is no automatic process which installs another flash, you have free choice to maintain your system.

It should run only one flash app, therefore please make sure to have removed Gnash completely within Synaptic.
Firefox remains closed during these procedure.

Search in Synaptic for 'gnash' only.
Removed should be gnash, gnash-common, gnash-tools, mozilla-plugin-gnash.

Now you may try out a different flash app called swfdec.
Search in Synaptic for 'swfdec'.
##the lib comes with it

Swfdec does not show right away flash applications on a web site, therefore it's also useful to block flash at the same time. It shows an embedded grey window which lets you start flash with one click.
After installing start Firefox, go to your prefered web site and let us know if it works.

I've went to and had no problem watching with swfdec.
If the video is to small for you and you have also compiz running, then just press Super key (the one with the windows symbol) and use the mouse wheel to zoom in, that's it.

If this doesn't satisfy you the alternative is adobe flash player.

Enjoy Ubuntu

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Sean (mareshah) said :

thank you for your suggestions.
I removed gnash and installed swfdec-mozilla and went to and was able to access it but when I go to I cant access playlist content ....all I see is a viewing panel which says written on it (no video) It is the same with Back to the bible with Woodrow Kroll and Tammi Weizzert i see nothing except a blank screen with Mozilla on top written on it

I couldnt find the window symbol that you mentioned.
thanks in anticipation

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Sean (mareshah) said :

just to mention I also installed swf gnome stand alone player!?

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

this is how swfdec appears on a web site, if you have javascript enabled in your browser, also some pages want to place cookies.

There is no guarantee for any of, e.g. adobe, gnash, swfdec a.o., to function 100% on any attempted website.
Since I'll not attempt any website you prefer, I'd suggest trial and error with a different flash app.
Don't forget to remove swfdec before installing a different one.
Therefore please check out the link on restricted formats (mentioned already).

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Sean (mareshah) said :

I used swfdec and found that it didnt work with National geographic website. I also have flashplugin nonfree which works great with national Geographic! Is it true that you should have just one flash appliance application at any one time?If so this is very time consuming.Or is there a short cut that you know about?
Perhaps while using stand alone swfdec on Back to the Bible with Woodrow Krol I found that when the Mozilla viewing box came with no sign of picture/sound there was a message on top saying that I needed a missing plugin but when I pressed the button to find one there was none available?
I tried again to find a way to enjoy but couldnt get video but saw a box which popped up and said it was optimised for internet explorer but that it could be used with mozilla if it had Gecko ActiveX plugin? Do you know how I could get this plugin?
Thanks for all your help..I am learning slowly but surely

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

Hi Sean,
the flash issue was already commented, maybe you'll find some clues here, keyword flash.

About activeX

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