Graphics (Screen & Fonts) quality are poor

Asked by D.P.Pandya on 2014-11-09

I have windows version of Glest 3.2.2 which I sometimes plays with Wine, working fine.
Now I've installed same version in Ubuntu 14.04 from (with dependencies) and working fine.
But problem is : Graphics quality are poor than that of windows version.

My question is: Why graphics quality is very poor though same version and run on same OS ? (between windows version with wine! & deb version )

Canonical question may be : How to configure glest (like screen resolution etc)?

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Because Wine isn't perfect and is a best effort attempt after YEARS of hard work by the Wone team. Sometimes applications will not even install, sometimes they will perform better than on Windows. It's a very mixed bag depending on even the Xorg version and driver version as well as release of the application you want to run.

There is a Wine AppDb online which users have used to document their experiences as well as some tips to improve performance / get the application running at all.

I have looked online and found the application is installable as a deb and will run as a true native application, so why use the Windows version in Wine at all?


sudo apt-get install glest

Will install the game. There appears to be a megaglest too. Take your pick.

D.P.Pandya (pandyadeepp) said : #3

The problem is with screen-resolution. I have monitor of 1366x768 display but glest set 680x480.

I have to correct screen-resolution from `$HOME/.config/glest/glest.ini` as follows:

glest.ini has following lines related this-


I corrected this resolution as-


Now, when I run glest, Perfect graphics quality appears and my problem is solved.

Note that correcting in /usr/lib/glest/glest.ini not helpful.

I suggest you report a bug with your fix

Tom Reynolds (tomreyn) said : #6

Please be aware that Glest has not been developed for more than 5 years. For the same period, bugs have not been fixed upstream. MegaGlest is a fork of Glest which is under slow but steady development.

It fixes some bugs in old Glest, supports and ensures compatibility across the major desktop platforms, and lets you play online with and against others. It also offers a lot more factions, maps, looks etc.

As I'm taking part in the project, take this with a grain of salt. But please do give it a try - it will most likely fix your compatibility issues.