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Asked by Stefan Wagner on 2012-06-19

I enjoy much the possibility to define my own tools, and combine them with shortcuts.

I admit that it wouldn't be wise to redefine the mosts often used ones like Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V.

However, I often write programs in Scala or Java and like to compile and run them by hotkeys.

I have ALT-j (java) and Ctrl-J (javac) defined, and would like to use something for Scala, but Ctrl-S is already used for "Save".

The first problem with this is, that it isn't indicated, that the keystroke is occupied by something else, it is even shown in the menu. Since the keys are spread all over the menu, it is hard to find a free one. I thought, that Ctrl-K would be a nice alternative, since K can be pronounced like C in German in many cases, and "kompilieren" would be easy to recognize. It's occupied too for "inKremental search" which I rarely use, and so we approach the 3rd aspect of this problem: If I could define an Image to be shown in the toolbar, or building a button from words like "scalac", "scala", ..., the accessibility would be much better.

Conclusion: I have 3 related feature-requests:
 * inform the user, if a hotkey is occupied
 * allow the user to overwrite hotkeys (ask for confirmation to avoid accidentally overwriting popular commands, the user didn't think of)
 * allow the user to define buttons for the toolbar - (by image, by words, by both).

Thanks for your help. If you rewrite Gedit from Scratch in Java or Scala, I would submit a patch. :)

Btw.: I'm still using Gedit 2.30.3 which came with XUbuntu 10.04, but I consulted the List of changes since then, and found no related entry.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said : #1

Convert the question into a bug (triager may mark it as wishlist then) and add the link of your upstream report (by click on 'also affects project').

Stefan Wagner (wagner-stefan) said : #2

Thanks. I wasn't sure where to post it, and initially only found this question section. I tried to link to GNOME there, but got an error, that there isn't a bugtracker for Gedit found.

Or did I misunderstand you, and should have opened a bug there and linked to here?

Here is the bug address:

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

You can search bugzilla if the bug is reported.

Or click on the version e.g. currently 3.4.x to view recent bugs and report a new one.

Reporting from there will display categories of applications.

When the report is finished add the bug link (url address of bug report) to lp 'also affects project'.

Just saw that bug reports have been created already. Leave above description as follow-up.

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