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Asked by krugerj on 2011-09-18

When writing texts, a quarter of a century ago I could easily make and save several macros in "Wordperfect". Why is this so difficult today? I downloaded www.webupd8.org/2010/03/gedit-macro-plugin.htm, and (with ubuntu 11.4) in gedit I was able to create a macro that inverts two successive letters. But it was gone after closing and reopening gedit. I failed to make another macro which rapidly changes a capital letter at beginning of a word into a small one. I know the functions offered by gedit for this, but they require more than one (combined) keystroke. And anyhow, only one macro seems to be allowed, and it is not saved.

Can someone help me to find ways to make SEVERAL macros, with playback by ONE (combined) keystroke, and which persist?
Jürgen Krüger

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marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #1

comparing what wordperfect can do to what linux does is irrelevent. i can tell you things that macs can do better than pcs and things linux does better than windoze or macOS, but that is irrelevant too. you need to understand that different applications and different operating systems work differently.

what application are you trying to make your macros for?

krugerj (querciop) said : #3

As I wrote in my question, I use gedit to write prosa text
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krugerj (querciop) said : #4

To Marco Braida: The link you give is just the unsatisfactory one criticised in my original question

Chris (fabricator4) said : #5

Ah yes, many is the time I have had to catch myself typing "qedit" in xterm. The things you could do with qedit macros...
and as a programmers editor it was also good. I haven't used it for nearly two decades myself, but my fingers still type it automatically, almost hitting all four keys at once.

To answer your question as to why *nix programmers don't have anything like Qedit or other editors with advanced macro features built in, is because it would be mostly redundant. Text manipulation is largely done with utilities like gawk and sed which are arguably much more powerful. Whereas Qedit (and others) used a Pascal based macro language, gawk, sed, perl, python et all require learning a completely new method, all of them different to each other in some way, and suited to different purposes (and people). It's almost a cultural thing.

And yes, they are external to the actual editor itself.

You might look at UltraEdit. I don't use it myself, and it looks like overkill for most things, and is not free ($50 I believe) but might be just what you're looking for.


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