How do I make my own color scheme?

Asked by George Fragos on 2007-10-02

In the prior releases of gedit you could set the background and text colors. Now it appears that you must use some form of defined color scheme. I don't like the four supplied. When I click to add a scheme it only allows me to find a pre-made scheme file. I can't figure out how to make my own color scheme. How do I do that? Can you at least provide a file name for an included scheme so I can figure it out for myself? It appears that these scheme files have a unique extension. Even that would help.

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Alan (mrintegrity) said : #1

This is a new framework for style schemes support that is being developed and the old functionality is being replaced with the new. In the near future there will be a graphical scheme editor but that doesn't exist yet unfortunatly. All you can do at the moment is create a new xml file your self based off of what's already there. You can find the existing schemes (tango, oblivion, kate etc) in:


And you can edit these as you please but remember to save them under a different name before you do anything!


P.S For more details see the following link:

Alan (mrintegrity) said : #2

Also, there are one or two other schemes available here:

Wow, somewhat retarded. Sorry, trollpost I know, but really??! sheesh :)

Alan (mrintegrity) said : #4

Once everything has matured this new method will be MUCH better imo. How about marking this as solved if it is.

George Fragos (fragos) said : #5

Thanks Alan Mc, that solved my question.

Fabiano Shark (fabiano-fshark) said : #6

I created a scheme color based on dreamweaver:

Just save and add this XML on gedit's scheme colors by clicking Edit->Preferences -> font & colors tab.

Also being a troll, but hey, removing functionality when the new one is not yet ready?

I know its gonna be one day much better, however the past was better then the current one... Oh geesh, really, this sort of calls for a development branch, and replace main only when its really better.

Somehow this is very retarded, Sorry.

badeagle (badeagle01) said : #8

i have made a program for creating & editing the new style scheme files. you can find it here:

run it as administrator (gksudo/sudo)

badeagle (badeagle01) said : #9
Zarmakuizz (zarmakuizz) said : #10
John Baptist (jepst79) said : #11

Hi. So, it's been almost three years since the question was originally asked, and there is still no standard tool for editing color schemes, at least not in the Ubuntu repositories. Is anyone working on this? Is this idea dead?

George Fragos (fragos) said : #12

I've not found anything more either in the way of an application but I've discovered how to clone and change the style definitions. Look in /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/styles/. There you will find the styles gedit uses as XML files. styles.rng will give you some insight into the terms used in the XML files which are easily editable. Make a copy of the style you like best and give it a new name to make it a gedit style option. The first bit in the XML file defines a color pallet and the rest applies it. Tweak as you like to create your new style. Perhaps not the ap you want but still a path to creating a style you will like. The French document translates nicely in Google Chrome and can give further insight.

John Baptist (jepst79) said : #13

@George, Thanks for the info. It is helpful. However, I am sure that everybody realizes that it is not a viable long-term solution.

George Fragos (fragos) said : #14

@Jeff, you're welcome. Having been a software engineer since 1964 I've learned that there are frequently two classes of solutions. One is the ultimate solution that we'd love to have and the other is the pragmatic what can I do now. I look forward to the ultimate solution which might ideally track the Gnome Appearances Preferences but for now I will settle for getting the job done. Since you're into tweaking Gedit, may be helpful.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #15

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Mark Tomlin (dygear) said : #16

@George Fragos, thanks for those great resources you've provided.

I'm quite sadded that as this issue enters into it's forth year on here that there is still no solution. Gedit is a great editor that has been stagnate for much to long now. Customizing the look and feel is very important for an editor of this class and should become top priority in the next release.