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Asked by naphelge on 2011-01-27

I hope it is ok to post this here since I am having a small list of issues with Gedit altely and the fine ppl at ubuntu forums have had little advice to help.

1. Is there a way to arrange the external tools so that when I go to view them under the tools/external_tools menu they are in alphabetical order? I have a long list now and it is getting frustrating scrolling up and down trying to find the tool i am looking for b/c they seem to be haphazardly listed. I have looked in the .gnome2/gedit/tools folder and although the tools get listed there in alpha order, they do not appear that way while using Gedit.

2. Is there a way to select the current line using keyboard shortcuts? Actually current line and current paragraph would be a boon, but I have had no luck searching for this capability.

3. I have loaded many 3rd party plugins which I can not enable under edit/preferences/plugins. They show up, I noticed some were not executable so I changed permissions to execute but that does not change anything. The little jigsaw icon for some seems to be greyed out, but the about plugin button for each of them works and explains what the purpose of each plugin is. Some of the plugins include: highlighttext.gedit-plugin* line_tools.gedit-plugin* regex_replace.gedit-plugin* template.2.gedit-plugin* advancedfind.gedit-plugin* lastdocs.gedit-plugin* multi_edit.gedit-plugin* smart_highlight.gedit-plugin*
It is with sad to say that out of that list the only plugin I can enable is the multi_edit plugin.

what could I be overlooking here? Any ideas?

4. when invoking/opening the terminal tab in the bottom pane is there a way to have the terminal automatically sync with the pwd of the document that is open? and if I switch tabs is it asking too much to have the terminal cd to that dir? it is annoying that the built in terminal would not (er does not seem to--very likely could be user error here!) cd to the path of the open doc. I find it easier as it stands to just invoke a separate terminal window using keyboard shortcuts from within gedit and having it open to the pwd of the current doc. however, I am often working with 3 or 4 or 9 docs at once and opening multiple terminals gives me a smart built in terminal that tracks to the path of the current doc would be sweet! too sweet I wonder?

I think other than that Gedit rawks the house. I use it daily for writing reports and editing html. I love the customability and hope some of these issues are plain old user error and things I am overlooking and you all can help me overcome.


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What do you mean by "arranging the external tools"? Are these plugins for Gedit?

You can maybe find a plugin for your selection issue, or create a functionality suggestion on
You can also use this for the pwd issue you outline in point 4

I suggest you log a bug for your gedit plugin issue, plugins (if they are installed from the official repos) should integrae flawlessly with the OS so new Linux users feel ok with the (most likely) daunting OS


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