Stop Ubuntu Feisty from opening Gedit "unsaved document" on login

Asked by rtimai on 2007-08-16

Linux newbie, 3 months. Ubuntu Feisty opens Gedit "unsaved document" on every login. There is nothing in the Sessions startup list to open a new file. Gedit is not even listed.

I have tried all the common-sense fixes, including saving the empty file as both "'unsaved document.txt" and as test.txt, but Gedit continues to open a new empty file on every login (not just on startup.)

I had a notion that this might have been caused by turning off "automatically create backup file" before exiting an unsaved file, but I don't know what to look for, if this is the cause. (View hidden files is turned on.)

Would appreciate it if anyone can provide a clue to this annoying persistent behavior. I've usually found solutions to the big problems. It's the niggling little annoyances like this that really kills me. Argh.

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Martin Pool (mbp) said : #1

So just to check, every time you login you get a new empty gedit window, and it immediately shows the "do you want to save your changes?" dialog?

rtimai (rtimai) said : #2

This issue has been resolved by saving the current session. But to answer the question to clarify the original symptoms, no I was not prompted to save changes. Gedit was opening a new (empty file.) When I quit Gedit, it did not give a prompt. What is a mystery is why Gedit opened on every login (not only on startup.) There was no indication of any document open in the sessions list. At any rate, simply saving the current session finally stopped the symptoms. I am sorry I bothered you for such a trivial thing. I will try many more things next time before I post a help request.