unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon

Asked by Joe Lively on 2012-10-31

I was wanting to install the gdm desktop over the kdm but it was taking too long so I closed the command prompt, purged gdm, and when I booted up again the boot process stalled with the message: unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon.
I want to know if there is a fix for this, and if not is what is the command for copying files to a usb drive.
I know [code]cp (directory or file name) (to directory)[/code]
I need to know the directory pat for usb drives and if I need the precise name that ubuntu tagged the usb drive from.
Thanks in advanced.

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boot theLiveCD and you can chroot to the installed OS and do stuff there. You can also mount the partition and manipulate the data there.

Why did you want to switch from GDM to KDM? Ubuntu uses LightDM in the Gnome based release......

Joe Lively (cruelsanity) said : #2

I just wanted to try the desktop out.
I no longer have the live cd, but I have fixed the majority of the problem by uninstalling KDM, now I need to re-install it, wish me luck.

KDM isn't a desktop. If you want to try KDE then you install a different package. KDM is only the login screen you get with KDE / KUbuntu etc. KDM, GDM and LigtDM are (D)desktop (M)anagers, KDE, Gnome and XFCE etc are (D)esktop (E)nvironments

Joe Lively (cruelsanity) said : #4

I have an Ubuntu live install USB. I was wondering if there was any way to install Gnome from this without overwriting the data I have. The reason i don't just use sudo apt-get install Ubuntu-desktop is because i have an unreliable connection.

Joe Lively (cruelsanity) said : #5

Anyway, I found my problem, I was configured to use GDM when I sudo apt-get purge'd it. I found a work around with the network problem using a Kubuntu live boot USB, re-installed GDM, re-installed KDM (I had also purged it.) and set KDM as my default desktop manager and purged GDN, now it boots normally. Thank you for your help, it was really generous.