Ubuntu 11.04 Login in issue.

Asked by Switching Maybe on 2011-05-08

So when I turn on my computer, I wait for it to turn on, and in a matter of time, I'm on my desktop with my login box, cool, great. But then, when I want to log off for whatever reason, my password just doesn't seem to work. At one point, it doesn't block off my password, then it would, but would always tell me my password is incorrect, then it would stop blocking out my password and so on and so forth. Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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Since no password is necessary for logging *off*, I am assuming that the problem you're experiencing is that *after* logging off, you cannot successfully log back on.

Let's first check and see if the password you're entering matches the stored password. While logged in, open a Terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run this command:

su $(whoami) -c echo\ success

To run that command, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the Terminal window and press enter. (That's probably better than manually retyping it, as copying and pasting reduces the chance of errors.)

You will be prompted in the Terminal for your password. Type it in, and press enter. You won't see any change on the screen (for example, no *'s will be printed) as you type it, but that's OK.

f you think you may have accidentally entered it incorrectly, then feel free to try again. (You can bring up the last command you ran by pressing the up arrow key once--then press enter to run it, as before.)

Then select the text from the Terminal, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it here.

brandon@BrandonCPU:~$ su $(whoami) -c echo\ success

OK, your password is working, so something is going on with the login screen itself.

Have you made sure that you don't accidentally have Caps Lock on while entering your password at the login screen?

In your question, what do you mean when you talk about "blocking out" your password?

Yes, I make sure my caps is on and off.

What I mean by blocking out? Well, you know when you type in your password you see ***** well it just shows my password, and then when I press enter, you then blocks out my password again and so on.

Should I just do a fresh install and start unity over?

You seem to be describing the following situation:

(1) You log out, and get a graphical login screen.

(2) You type text into a textbox, and you see the text itself, not * characters. You press enter.

(3) Now you type text into a textbox again, and you see * characters instead of the text you type.

(4) You are told that your password was incorrect.

If that is the case, then what's probably happening is that the first time you enter your password, you should really be entering your USERNAME instead. If you don't know your username, one way to find out is to open a Terminal window and run the command:


For example, when I do that, I see:

$ whoami

So I know my username is: ek.

Then once you've entered your username and pressed enter, enter your password and press enter.

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