cannot login to my machine.

Asked by L A Silva on 2011-04-30

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Original question: Cannot login to my machine. the login page presents normally and actively allows selection of the account, in this case "L " or "Other". There are no other accounts on this machine.
Once "L" is selected the login box and the whole display is inactive, i.e. the lower right hand corner button.
This has effectively locked me out of my own machine.

I was able to work around this by attempting to login as "other" which failed (there are no other accounts) 2x but the login page remained active allowing login as "L". The login page was reset from systems>login>.

Restarted machine. Login results the same as original event. Unable to login.


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When you get to the login screen, press Ctrl-F2, or F3. This should open a terminal. Then attempt to login.
See if you can do a sudo -s -H on the command line and enter your password. If you can login then type startx. This should start the x window system. This way you will be logged in as Root and you should be able to trouble shoot, change your login/account/etc.

Hope this helps...let me know if it works.


When you follow Paul Stewart's instructions, you'll actually have to press Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or Ctrl+Alt+F3).

You might consider creating another account. If that works, and you're able to log in from the other account, then that will both provide you with a workaround, and will constitute useful diagnostic information about this problem.

L A Silva (lasilva770) said : #3

from the login screen > ctrl alt F2 > command line >> "login incorrect" <>>>failed

currently using the work around: login screen > other > enter> "fail" > cancel > "L">password> successful login

Thx for the suggestions/recommendations.

I have thought about doing away with password protected login but have concerns that it may fail and the work around would be lost.

i am thinking of orderering 11.04 on CD and then give that a try once it is on hand



L A Silva (lasilva770) said : #4

seemed to be successful inputting username password in a white backround terminal.
But now I am stuck, whenever I log in --this terminal or console presents and since I do not know the appropriate command cannot change the result of the login

I appreciate any guidance/help.


L A Silva (lasilva770) said : #5

i have gotten unstuck. Login screen toolbar is presenting each time and allows several selections to sign in to.

Login 6x operational and working.

Thx for the help.



Thanks, bad, you were correct on the key strokes ...doh!