where is gconf editor in 11.10

Asked by Mannex on 2011-10-15

Or perhaps I need to look for something different. I need to allow certain icons to appear on the top bar, and I was wondering if I could change the icon size of Unity's bar on the right? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Doug McMahon (mc3man) said : #1

gconf-editor isn't installed by default - you'll need to install it

Not sure what you mean by icons on the RIGHT side - if you're referring to the indicators in the unity top panel you can't change the size
The icon size in the unity launcher can be changed, in tcompiz's unity plugin settings
"I need to allow certain icons to appear on the top bar" - if they are systray icons then they can be added to the systray whitelist - is that what you mean?

Mannex (russ-mannex) said : #2

OK, so I can still install the gconf-editor and it will work? Fingers crossed...

Sorry, I meant the left side (friggin' dyslexia!). I was able to change their size in the OLD 11.04 Unity (but damned if I can remember how I did it. Grr...)

And yes, I meant the systray. I know about the whitelist, but I used to do that with the dconf configure thingy. Is that still how I do that?

Doug McMahon (mc3man) said : #3

You can adjust the unity plugin setting 2 ways -
in gconf-editor -

or install compizconfig-settings-manager
Then open using ccsm in dash or from terminal
Be aware that ccsm still tends to act weird when using - you should have no problem if just opening the unity plugin

the sysray whitelist is in dconf-editor, install dconf-tools
desktop > unity > panel
When adding keep to the formatting & when done - with cursor still in the edit box press enter on keyboard to set, don't try to click 'set' or tyour edit's will not take
Also can be done from a gsettings command - if you want that let me know though this place is hard to post long commands

Mannex (russ-mannex) said : #4

Got both. Much better. Thanks!