how to know the key not listed in the gconf-editor

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in Ubuntu I can choose "System->Preference->Appearance" , in the pop-up window , choose "fonts" tab , then choose "Best shapes" in the "Rendering".

this operation will fix some application's non-English character problem.

My Question is if I want to do a configuration to all clients, I need to know the key in gconf-edirtor, like /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename to set the backgourd file picture.

Could some guy tell me the key in this situation?

thanks in advance!

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Marc Stewart
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Marc Stewart (marc.stewart) said :

The rendering options alter two keys that I know of:

If you open gconf-editor and look in /desktop/gnome/font_rendering then switch back and forth between the Font Rendering options in the Appearance Preferences window, you'll see these two keys changing.
Best shapes uses "grayscale" antialiasing and "medium" hinting.

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mohamodenuhafiza (nofiza) said :

hey Marc

Thank you very much, That's it.

one more question, is there some documentation on these key? Then next time I can read that to find out the answer.

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Best Marc Stewart (marc.stewart) said :

I don't know whether there's any online documentation, but GConf is supposed to be self-documenting, through the use of schemas. If you open gconf-editor, you should see that the lower-right section is labelled "Key Documentation". When you click on a key, this gives you a bit of information about it, including valid values—so long as there's a schema for it. (There's always supposed to be one, but GConf works without them, so sometimes there isn't.)

That self-documentation, coupled with the search function (Edit > Find...; or Ctrl-F) has often been all I've needed.

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mohamodenuhafiza (nofiza) said :

Thanks Marc Stewart, that solved my question.