Asked by Lies Van Rompaey on 2008-02-22

Is it possible to use gaclctool to calculate other roots than square roots? third, fourth, fifth,... root (I don't know what they are called in English).

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Runa Lejeune
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Best Runa Lejeune (runalejeune) said : #1

Try doing this. If you want to take the 5th root of 7, enter:


In general x^(1/y) is the yth root of x. This should get around your problem. The x^y key can be used in a similar fashion.

Lies Van Rompaey (lies) said : #2

ah, right, of course. Thanks.

Weird, though. I'd expect a scientific calculator to have a button to do that.

Lies Van Rompaey (lies) said : #3

Thanks Runa Lejeune, that solved my question.

Jim J (morlockhq) said : #4

Isn't there an x^y button on the gcalctool?

When I click View -> Scientific

It is the 6th button from the left on the second row.

Lies Van Rompaey (lies) said : #5


Yes, there is that button of course. I just meant a button to calculate the nth root.

I don't know how it is elsewhere in the world, but here in Belgium turning roots into exponents is covered in 12th grade, whereas roots themselves (square and other) are covered in the 8th or 9th grade.

Of course the kids all have a TI84, so they probably don't unse gcalctool :(.