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Asked by Aleksey Kirpichnikov on 2007-12-06

How can i calculate percents?
For Ex. 80 - 20%, 80 + 20% etc.
When I press '%' button it just divides number by 100.
Expected results is 80 - 20% = 64, 80 + 20% = 96

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Aleksey Kirpichnikov
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Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto) said : #1

This must be the most asked question about gcalctool.
As for all scientific calculators, the % sign calculate the percentage (x/100).
If you need to use it for financial calculations, like 80-20% than you need to do it like this:

80*(1-20%) or 80*(1-0.20) or 80*0.8

Well, i understand that it works, but it's so complex to calculate.
This operations is much easier to calculate on any hardware calc. Even kcalculator can do it easier

Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto) said : #3

Easier for you perhaps, since you are used to financial calculators.
I'm used to scientific calculators and I find 80-20% a non-sense; different people have different views, mine is as good as yours, neither of the two is the right or wrong one.
The authors of gcalctool view it as a scientific calculator, not as a financial one, therefore their choice.

PS. My hardware calculator is actually using RPN, which I find the most easiest and logical mathematical notation for pocket calculators. In this case you need to do: 80 20 % -
Just be glad I'm not the author of gcalculator :-)

Calculator has four views! So when i use financial view it would be good to calculate as hardware one.
Well, i try to find more simple calc )

Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto) said : #5

bc - The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator language
dc - The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polish calculator
kcalc - calculator for KDE
speedcrunch - High precision calculator
abakus - calculator for KDE
apcalc - Arbitrary precision calculator (original name: calc)
apcalc-common - Arbitrary precision calculator (common files)
apcalc-dev - Library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
cafix - Communicates with CASIO graphic calculators
calc - An advanced calculator and mathematical tool for Emacs.
calcoo - Scientific calculator (GTK+)
concalc - console calculator
donkey - One Time Password calculator.
edenmath.app - Scientific calculator for GNUstep
extcalc - multifunctional scientific graphic calculator
gafix - An editor for Casio calculators
galculator - A GTK+ 2.0 based calculator
genius - general purpose calculator and math tool with many features
graphmonkey - a GTK#-based graphing calculator
grpn - GTK+ reverse polish notation calculator
kalgebra - calculator based on MathML language
keurocalc - universal currency converter and calculator - binary package
keurocalc-data - universal currency converter and calculator - data package
orpie - RPN calculator for the terminal
qalc - Powerful and easy to use command line calculator
qalculate - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - transitional
qalculate-gtk - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - GTK version
qalculate-kde - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - KDE version
r-cran-fcalendar - GNU R package for financial engineering -- fCalendar
rcalc - graphical symbolic calculator
rpncalc - RPN calculator trying to emulate an HP28S
sc - Text-based spreadsheet with VI-like keybindings
sipcalc - Advanced console-based ip subnet calculator
snac - complete algebraic calculator for GNOME
stepulator.app - Scientific calculator implementing RPN notation for GNUstep
tilp - TI calculator <-> PC communication program for X
tilp2 - TI calculator <-> PC communication program for X
wcalc - A flexible command-line scientific calculator
wmcalc - Dockable calculator application
xabacus - simulation of the ancient calculator (plain X version)
xmabacus - simulation of the ancient calculator (Motif version)
tiemu - Texas Instruments calculators emulator
gcalctool - A GTK2 desktop calculator
kalgebra-kde4 - mathematical calculator for KDE4

Thank you very much!

P.S. i bind my Numlock button on keyboard to start calculator, so i need small, fast and with percent calculations one :)