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Answered 695626 freeipa-server 2021-02-18 15:30:08 UTC Vitaly Protsko Answered
Answered 689813 Will we see a stable release of the server on ubuntu 20.04 LTS 2020-04-10 03:44:03 UTC kedster Answered
Answered 661419 Which version of FreeiPA will ship with Bionic? 2017-12-05 14:47:19 UTC dh Answered
Open 289159 freeipa domain account lightdm login yields black screen then back to login screen 2016-03-24 02:27:59 UTC robwdux Open
Solved 241593 Unattended Install - freeipa-client (3.2.1-0ubuntu1) 2014-01-02 22:08:16 UTC Ken Solved
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