Slitlist gets overwritten when using Fluxbox

Asked by Randy LeJeune on 2008-02-21

I am runnng fluxbox-1.0.0-3 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and the problem I have is this: Each time I edit my ~/.fluxbox/slitlist file to order my dockapps and save my edits, the file gets reverted back to a previous version.

I installed some dockapps that I wanted and added them to my ~/.fluxbox/startup menu and this worked. Then I added the same dockapps to my slitlist file and saved both files. Then I killed restarted X. Yet when fluxbox started the applications I specified were not shown on my slit.

At this point, I looked at my slitlist file and the entries were not what I had entered and saved earlier. I rebooted my machine, logged in as root and re-edited the file to reflect the dockapps I wanted then saved the file. I cat'ed the file to make sure my changes were saved, then rebooted and the same thing happened. I look at my slitlist and the entries were not the ones that I had made and saved, but an earlier version.

Somehow it seems that my slitlist was being overwritten with an earlier copy. How can I get the slitlist to retain the entries that I specify rather than reverting to an earlier version. I did an ls -la in my .fluxbox directory and there were no files other than the expected ones. How can I fix this?

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Never mind. I found out at: that "This file should be edited while not running Fluxbox. Otherwise changes may get overwritten". Should have read the docs.