Configuration of Thunderbird local folders

Asked by Tommy Pollák on 2017-12-06

Where are the Thunderbird local folders stored?
After a backup of my ~ account I reinstalled Ubuntu 17.10 (64 instead of 32 bits). Then I copied the files in ~/.thunderbird. Then I configured my mail accounts. This works except for the Local Folders. Instead of the local folders from the previous installation the Local Folders show folders like blist.sqlite, Cache, cert8.db ... webappss...e.sqlite.

Thunderbird 52.5.0(64-bit)

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Did you change the ownership of the restored data to your user?

Tommy Pollák (tpollak) said : #2

Yes, I did.

Tommy Pollák (tpollak) said : #3

I forgot to mention that the address book from the backup works perfectly.

~$ more .thunderbird/profiles.ini


~$ ls .thunderbird/lrydsrzv.default/
abook.mab localstore.rdf~
abook.mab~ lock
addons.json logins.json
addons.sqlite Mail
AlternateServices.txt mailViews.dat
blist.sqlite mimeTypes.rdf
blocklist-addons.json mimeTypes.rdf~
blocklist-gfx.json minidumps
blocklist-plugins.json panacea.dat
blocklist.xml panacea.dat~
blocklist.xml~ permissions.sqlite
_CACHE_CLEAN_ persdict.dat
calendar-data persdict.dat~
cert8.db pgprules.xml
cert8.db~ Photos
cert_override.txt places.sqlite
chromeappsstore.sqlite places.sqlite-shm
compatibility.ini places.sqlite-wal
compatibility.ini~ pluginreg.dat
compreg.dat pluginreg.dat~
compreg.dat~ prefs.js
content-prefs.sqlite prefs.js~
cookies.sqlite revocations.txt
cookies.sqlite~ saved-telemetry-pings
cookies.sqlite.bak search.json
cookies.sqlite-journal~ search.json.mozlz4
cookies.sqlite-shm search-metadata.json
cookies.sqlite-wal search.sqlite
crashes secmod.db
datareporting secmod.db~
directoryTree.json SecurityPreloadState.txt
downloads.json sessionCheckpoints.json
downloads.sqlite~ session.json
extensions session.json~
extensions.cache~ signons.sqlite
extensions.ini signons.sqlite~
extensions.ini~ SiteSecurityServiceState.txt
extensions.json storage.sdb
extensions.rdf storage.sqlite
extensions.rdf~ Telemetry.ShutdownTime.txt
extensions.sqlite times.json
folderTree.json training.dat
folderTree.json~ training.dat~
formhistory.sqlite traits.dat
global-messages-db.sqlite traits.dat~
global-messages-db.sqlite~ urlclassifier3.sqlite
gmp urlclassifier.pset
history.mab virtualFolders.dat
history.mab~ virtualFolders.dat~
ImapMail webappsstore.sqlite
impab.mab webappsstore.sqlite-shm
Invalidprefs.js webappsstore.sqlite-wal
key3.db XPC.mfasl~
key3.db~ xpti.dat
kinto.sqlite xpti.dat~
localstore-1.rdf XUL.mfasl~
localstore.rdf xulstore.json

It seems that localstore.rdf names the old, invisible local folders. But localstore-1.rdf is used?

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