Firefox 54 needs SSE2 extension but my CPU is not provided with it

Asked by Alberto on 2017-08-01

Hello Techies,
my machine is old, 32bits, my cpu does not have SSE2 extension Firefox 54 needs. As far as I could understand it needs SSE2 to play videos.
My computer runs Lubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, installed from a 0 errors Live session (ISO of february 16, 2017, provided with Firefox 51).
I asked Mozilla and they suggested Firefox ESR, but as I could read it is going to need SSE2 in less than a year, too.

You can imagine my question:
is it possible to replace Firefox 54 with a non-SSE2-needing Firefox release? Or is there some "correction" developed by Linux techies in order to allow old machines to work?

Many thanks!

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Have you tried Chrome or something like Iceweasel or Midori

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #2

Hello Andrew,
no, I didn't try any suggested browser.
I know that Ubuntu Software Center lists Chromium and Midori. Do they need SSE2?
(I prefer using USC listed applications.)
What about Chromium and Midori safety compared to Firefox? What if I should access my bank account? And to Facebook, webmails?
Many thanks

What do you mean "safety"?

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #4

Well Andrew,
I mean the whole setup of Firefox about tracking, history, protection against sites that try to install unknown sw, against attempt to reload or redirect pages.
In practical it is what you find in:

More, the help of HTTPS Everywhere...

After you suggested trying Midori, yesterday, I installed it.
And I found a poor setup. (And it often crashes, very often, so it might need some fine tuneup...)
I also tried and installed Chromium and it doesn't even start. Linux internal error, the dialoue box says sometimes, sorry. Many other times nothing happens.

Probably I have a Firefox habit that makes me feel "safe". Safer than using Internet Explorer (when 2 years ago I was running Windows XP) and safer than using Midori.

Do you agree?

They are Firefox based just with bits stripped out.

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #6

Hello Andrew,
I think my best chance, at the moment, is installing Firefox ESR. Can you suggest the exact repository, if it exists? I've been looking for it but I couldn't get through.
Thank you

Alberto (alberto-aimo) said : #7

I'll make a new question.